Monday, 19 March 2012

Heartbreaker (The Warriors) by Laura Taylor

Eleven years ago at the age of seventeen, Bliss Rowland had been rescued from a terrorist bombing in London. A handsome twenty-seven year old naval officer had saved her life and given Bliss her first crush, his name was Micah Holbrook.

Now for the first time in eleven years, Bliss is about to be reunited with her crush, when Micah himself needs help recovering from injuries from another terrorist attack that has left him blind. It is the idea of Bliss’s father who himself is a military man that Micah be sent to their estate for his convalescence and that Bliss uses her own past experiences in helping Micah recover and come to terms with his situation.

But when Micah arrives he is angry and frustrated at his situation. Micah is used to taking care of people and not people caring for him. The last thing he wants is Bliss’s pity. Can Bliss help Micah accept that he is now blind and his life will change?

After she has held a candle in her heart for Micah for eleven years will that candle be blown out by the man she is now faced with?

Heartbreaker by Laura Taylor is a wonderful romantic love story that is filled with passion and steamy love scenes. The narrative moves along with a nice flow that makes this novel a real page turner. This is storytelling at its all time best. A must read for all fans of romance.

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  1. Wow, Miss Nikki! I am over the moon delighted by your fabulous review of HEARTBREAKER. You're wonderful!! Heartfelt thanks!
    Laura Taylor - grateful romance writer

  2. Thanks to you too Laura for a great read :)