Monday, 28 August 2017

The Big Dreams Beach Hotel by Lily Bartlett

After living her dream life in the Big Apple, Rosie unexpectedly finds herself back in her home town of Scarborough, where she is now running a run-down old-fashioned Victorian hotel. The hotel is filled with its own community of permanent residents who are used to the laid-back and gently atmosphere of the hotel. A far-cry from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

All is set to change when the hotel is bought by two eccentric American brothers, who even though have never been to see the hotel decide to make some very big changes and transition manager Rory comes in to oversee the renovation.

With a cast of colourful characters and a lively and witty narration to the book you are in for an entertaining read. I like the way the story has the theme of two story-lines from the past and present running parallel along side each other. A perfect beach, or by the pool holiday read. I also have a soft spot for Scarborough as it is my home town and having spent time myself in New York, I think Scarborough is just as charming and charismatic and you get that feel from the book.