Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Don't you all just love a blank page, a blank screen. Just waiting to be filled with words ideas and a lot of love? The start of a new project. Do you develop plotline first or do you just flow and go where the ideas take you? Do you escape and become lost in the drama and find you need time to ajust back to the 'real world' after a long writing session? We write and our words become polished by our fabulous editors, but doesnt predictive text drive you bonkers? We write with a passion and passion and predictive text really do not mix.

When you are writing one idea and another comes zooming into your head to the point of distraction that you excuse yourself from a writers meeting and escape to the loos and only emerge after next novel is complete. Got to act fast haven't you? Before that idea bursts, never to be thought of again. When you are in a situation or you people watch and know that would be great to write about, so you napkin grab and write it down, only for it to be added to the hundred napkins on the passenger seat of your car.

When you think as a writer its a good idea to write a blog and free write without the safety net of an editor, laying yourself bare and raw for all to see. Like seeing into your soul.

When in real life you are an honest person and people tell you that you lie for a living.

When you see an actor saying your words and the acting is so good you don't believe you ever have written them.

When you have written a fecking amazing review and you see it in a book, only to see someone else put their name to it.

When you have a story you have to keep deep inside as there would be so much trouble if you let it out. So you do anyway but change all names, places and juggle events.

When your favourite pen runs out.

When you use that old type writer. Just for fun.

When you procrastinate and write silly lists.

Writing                      THE END