Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Sprig of Broom by Margaret Blake

This is a historical romance novel set in the 1480’s at the end of the civil war between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. (The War of the Roses)

Lady Cecily Hadfield had dreamed of having a grand wedding, but this was not to be. She was to have an arranged marriage to a man called Thomas Cadwallader who she despises and she also thinks is a murderer who was involved in the battle which caused the death of Richard the Third.

Cecily is a head strong girl who is determined not to express her discontentment of her circumstances. She knows she has no choice but to go through with the wedding. But she is wilful that she will keep her own mind. Cecily will soon find out that fate as more in store for her than she could have ever imagined.

This is a really enjoyable read from Margaret Blake. A Sprig of Broom is Margaret’s eleventh novel. I liked this book because there was no way you could predict how the storyline would play out. It’s got some great plot twists and I did like the stories heroine Cecily. This book really keeps you entertained, if you like history and romance this book is the perfect read for you.

Margaret Blake was born in Manchester England. Margaret was inspired to write this novel after reading a book that had positive things to say about King Richard the Third. 

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Friday, 23 March 2012

Jane Doe’s Return by Jen Talty

Special Agent Travis Brown is still haunted by the murder of his sister. Travis believes that the man who was sent to prison for the crime is not the man responsible for his sister’s death, so Travis is obsessed with finding the real killer. Travis’s only hope is that one of the victims survived her ordeal at the hands of the killer and then when the FBI arrived on the scene she disappeared, this mysterious Jane Doe could give Travis the answers he is looking for, the key to finding the killer, but first Travis must find her.

Shauna Morgan is a new agent who is partnered with Travis. Shauna knows that the man who was found guilty of killing Travis’s sister is not the man who did the crime. Shauna has joined the FBI to stop living in fear and to use what happened to her in the past for the greater purpose of helping others.

When Travis and Shauna meet there is a mutual physical attraction between them. Travis may be attracted but he has a feeling that Shauna is keeping something from him.

What is Shauna’s secret?

This is a romantic suspense novel, set in Albany, New York, with a superb storyline. You do learn a lot about the two main characters early on in the story which adds to the tension and keeps the reader hooked. With some steamy love scenes and twists in the plot, all in all this book is a good read.

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Monday, 19 March 2012

Heartbreaker (The Warriors) by Laura Taylor

Eleven years ago at the age of seventeen, Bliss Rowland had been rescued from a terrorist bombing in London. A handsome twenty-seven year old naval officer had saved her life and given Bliss her first crush, his name was Micah Holbrook.

Now for the first time in eleven years, Bliss is about to be reunited with her crush, when Micah himself needs help recovering from injuries from another terrorist attack that has left him blind. It is the idea of Bliss’s father who himself is a military man that Micah be sent to their estate for his convalescence and that Bliss uses her own past experiences in helping Micah recover and come to terms with his situation.

But when Micah arrives he is angry and frustrated at his situation. Micah is used to taking care of people and not people caring for him. The last thing he wants is Bliss’s pity. Can Bliss help Micah accept that he is now blind and his life will change?

After she has held a candle in her heart for Micah for eleven years will that candle be blown out by the man she is now faced with?

Heartbreaker by Laura Taylor is a wonderful romantic love story that is filled with passion and steamy love scenes. The narrative moves along with a nice flow that makes this novel a real page turner. This is storytelling at its all time best. A must read for all fans of romance.

For information about the author, click the following link: http://www.authorandeditor.com

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Friday, 16 March 2012

Nightmare at Emerald High: A Christian Thriller by Joana James

Malcolm Drake is a sixteen year old teenager, who has lived with his father since his mother left. Since his wife’s betrayal Malcolm’s father had become a bitter man and spends little time with Malcolm choosing instead to throw himself into his work.

Things are not going great for Malcolm at school either and he has managed to find a sanctuary in a room inside a classroom inside the school to escape from bullies. One day while Malcolm is hiding out in his secret sanctuary he sees and overhears a group of people come into the adjoining classroom, appearing to be threatening the principal. Scared that he will be discovered and loose his sanctuary Malcolm stays put and listens. The group want the principal to include a new program on the school curriculum an alternative science class.

When Malcolm’s class are told that the Institute of Youth Enlightenment and Development is willing to provide four students the opportunity to receive full scholarships if they take part in the program. This interests many of the students whose families could barley afford a university education for their children.

All students and Malcolm are at first enthusiastic about the program. The students embrace the concepts that they are taught. But when they classes get stranger and they experience supernatural things that are bordering on the occult. What exactly is Malcolm getting involved with?

This is a story that holds you in suspense right to the end of the story. It is a thoroughly good read from beginning to end. There is a nice flow in the writing as it goes along captivating the reader and keeping your interest through out the story. I look forward to reading more of Joana James work.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Rowan: Kelly Foster (Volume 1) - By Lauren Howell

Kelly Foster is a teenage high school student. Ever since her father disappeared she has stopped caring much about life. But that could change when a dragon called Jacinth disguised as a human turns up at Kelly’s house and tells Kelly, that he can help Kelly find her father. Jacinth tells Kelly that her father is from another world, a magical world called Rowan. Kelly’s father is one of the three last men who can wield the magic. They are called the Scimerians or the shimmering ones.

Kelly starts out on a magical adventure with Jacinth to find her father, meeting many interesting fantasy characters and places.

This is a Young Adult fantasy novel.  The author Lauren Howell has got some great ideas and the story as got potential to develop and it will be interesting to see these ideas progress and develop over the series.

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Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge by Christine Nolfi

The Fagan family are having their mansion renovated, to build a new south wing for their pregnant daughter and husband to live in. The Fagan family run a successful orchid business; they shipped produce throughout the U.S employing several hundred people.  The company had made all the family millionaires.

Their son Troy had left the family business to work in construction and he was working on the renovation for his family. Troy is feeling anxious about the renovations due to the part of the house that they were renovating was his teenage brother, Jason’s room. Jason had been murdered fifteen years ago.

Ourania D’Andre runs her own electrical business; she has got a job working on the Fagan’s renovation. She sees the job with the Fagan’s as the most important of her career and she is hoping it will lead to more work. But she feels her job may be in jeopardy because she and Troy share a past. So she wants to work really hard and prove that she can do the job. She knows that Troy is just looking for an excuse to fire her.

When Ourania’s mum, a social worker who manages family services which champions children’s causes before state judges, needs an emergency foster home for two children while their father is in therapy. She asks Ourania to take them in. Ourania at first declines because she knows taking on the children would complicate her job. But when she meets the children she decides to take them. She has to struggle with working and looking after two small children.

While renovating Jason’s room Ourania finds a box at the back of Jason’s closet. She hangs on to the box thinking it might have the usually things in it that a teenager does not want their parents to know about, but after opening it she finds letters that could change Troy’s life forever.

Will she choose to pass the letters on to Troy?

And just what is the power of the mysterious Great Oak tree. What secrets does it keep?

This is the brand new novel from Christine Nolfi; The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge is an emotionally charged novel that is beautifully written by Christine Nolfi. I do like a book that has you hooked into the story from page one. I found the story very moving and touching. The conclusion to the story is a very satisfying outcome.  

To but this book from Amazon UK, click the following link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007IO78QK

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For more information on books by Christine Nolfi visit her website http://christinenolfibooks.blogspot.com/ 


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Dancing in Heaven - A Sister’s Memoir - By Christine M Grote

This is the remarkable true story all about Annie, told by her sister the author Christine M Grote. Annie was born with severe brain damage in 1958 when Christine was little more than a year old, so her memories of childhood don’t include a time before Annie. She had always been in Christine’s life with her disabilities fully present. She had never known life without her.

The whole family take constant care of Annie. Annie is diagnosed as having cerebral palsy. Annie does not walk or talk. Although she does not speak she can respond to family members by movements in her right arm and leg and by using facial expressions and by smiling.

Christine tells Annie’s story in a diary of events leading up to Annie’s passing. It is a very touching memoir of what is happening in the present as the family prepare for Annie to pass, when her health deteriorates.  To reflecting back to the past memories and there are some beautiful photographs shared in the book from past memories.

This book is a must read. The love and devotion shared for Annie by all family members is present throughout the book. You really feel the emotions of the family as Annie reaches the end of her life. Annie’s personality and charisma shines too in the wonderful way memories and photographs are shared and written beautifully by a loving sister. 

For more information about the author, click the following link: http://www.christinemgrote.com/ 


Monday, 5 March 2012

Orange Petals in a Storm by Niamh Clune

Skyla McFee is an eleven year old girl. Since Skyla has been six she has had the misfortune of living with the Roache family. When her mother Ariana had met and moved in with the cold and cruel Gene and his equally cold and cruel children and mother Dorothy, after Gene persuaded Ariana to sell her house, the home Skyla had loved.

On her death bed Ariana is tricked by Gene and Dorothy into signing a blank piece of paper instead of the will which she thinks she is signing to have Skyla cared for by her sister Rocks. But now the will reads to make Skyla the sole beneficiary of Adriana’s estate and Gene the executor. They plan for Gene to take all the money.

After the death of her mother Skyla is badly neglected and abused by Gene and Dorothy. She is often locked in the cellar and is also been bullied at school. Skyla tries to stay invisible and in the shadows out of sight. She also finds that she can escape to her own imaginary world a safe and magical world where no one can hurt her and she feels safe.

After she is locked in the cellar, Skyla manages to escape and runs back to her old house. She is found barely alive by a kind man called Dr Timothy Taylor who calls an ambulance and gets her to the hospital and becomes concerned about her welfare.

Could this be a Skyla’s chance to escape her cruel world?

Will the vicious and manipulating Gene and Dorothy manage to convince social services and doctors that Skyla acted out of grief for her mother and frighten Skyla enough for her not to tell the truth so they are not found out and have Skyla return back to live with them?

And what will happen when someone contests the will Gene and Dorothy wrote, is someone on to their scheme?

Orange Petals in a Storm is a moving and compelling tale about the plight of a child in an awful situation. Living in a family without love, constantly put down and badly neglected by a man who used her mother for his own financial benefit. I thought this book was really well written and I liked the way when Skyla drifts into her inner world it gives the reader the feeling that you have just gone through a door, that takes you out of the story and into another adventure, before taking you back to the story and it keeps the reader guessing to just how much of what Skyla is experiencing is true or fantasy. I will look forward to reading more of Niamh Clune’s work.

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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Excess All Areas by Mandy Baggot

Freya Johnson should be celebrating her thirtieth birthday, having a nice romantic meal with her boyfriend Russell in a nice restaurant, but instead she has flown to the pretty village of Kassiopi in northern Corfu to be with her best friend Emma. Freya is upset at overhearing her boyfriend Russell putting her down about her weight when asking the barman if he had seen Freya arrive at the restaurant. Russell had not known that Freya heard his unflattering comments and after hearing them she just fled and got in a taxi to the airport and now was in the pretty village of Kassiopi. Emma lived in the village after falling in love with a local boy and had decided to stay. Emma is the closest friend that Freya has ever had and a good confidante. The only person she can turn to as she does not see or talk to her family. Freya is also looking to have a nice peaceful break, a chance to reflect while she decides what to do and the island is the perfect place to do this.

Oscar winning Hollywood actor Nicholas Kaden, one of the most famous men on the planet is filming his latest movie on the island. In less than twenty four hours since Freya had arrived on the island, Nicholas Kaden and his entourage manage to annoy and inconvenience, Freya by taking over the island. When Freya finds out that they have taken over her favourite table in a restaurant, which had been booked for her to have a belated birthday celebration, unimpressed by Nicholas Kaden’s celebrity status she marches up to Kaden and gets cross, telling him and his entourage exactly what she thinks. Nicholas Kaden asks them to join his party for dinner, Freya is reluctant and is determined not to, but Emma jumps at the chance of dining and spending time with a film star so she agrees. Freya has formed an opinion on Nicholas Kaden that he is a stuck up, spoilt, arrogant actor with too much money and little concern for anyone but himself and when she overhears two male members of Nicholas entourage putting her down about her weight and saying they have placed a bet with Nicholas to if he beds her when he takes her out on a date. Still angry about what happened with Russell she decides to say yes to when Nicholas asks her out, so that she can take out revenge on ‘Mr Hollywood’  for daring to make her the subject of a bet.

But when Nicholas is charming on their date will she still go ahead with her plan for revenge?

What about Russell is he now a part of her past and is she ready to move forward and leave the past behind?

This is another enjoyable read from Mandy Baggot. I read this book in one sitting. Freya is a good strong leading character in this beautiful written story set in a picturesque part of Greece. What I like about Mandy’s main characters in this book is that they have a lot of depth and background that make the characters and the storyline far more interesting and impossible for you to predict how the storyline will come to its conclusion.

I really recommend reading any if not all of Mandy Baggot’s books.

For information about the author visit their website http://mandybaggot.webs.com/ 


Friday, 2 March 2012

Breaking the Ice by Mandy Baggot

Samantha Smith is a shy, self-conscious, single girl who likes the settled routine that her job selling programmes and ice-cream in an old fashioned theatre provides. It made Samantha feel safe and secure. Samantha lives with her sister Cleo who is the exact opposite of Samantha, she is confident and outgoing. Samantha does not go anywhere or do anything but work, mainly preferring her own company or that of a stray cat called Gobbolino.

When the theatre puts on a production of a show called Skating on Broadway. Jimmy Lloyd a former gold winning ice dancer and now a celebrity is the principle skater in the show, he is very friendly towards Samantha, and when Samantha’s boss wants his employees to get really involved with the spirit of the show, and provides them all with ice skates, so that they can do their usual job of selling programmes and ice-cream in the interval, gliding around the edge of the ice to some well chosen intermission music Samantha is horrified and Jimmy steps in and offers to help Samantha practice.

When the local council announces its plans that they are thinking about shutting down the theatre, Samantha feels like her world is falling apart. How will she find another job that she feels comfortable in and make her feel like she fitted?

Jimmy again steps in to help, he tells Samantha that they could work together and come up with an action plan about why the theatre should be kept open and present it to the council.

Can Samantha step out from her comfort zone, and confront her fears and take on the ice and the council and save the theatre from closure?

Will she make things even more complicated in her life when she develops a crush on handsome Jimmy?

Written with great humour that makes you laugh out loud. You can’t help but like the character of the much timid Samantha and want to give her a gentle push forward, hoping that she will fall into the arms of Jimmy. Breaking the Ice is a fantastic light read.

To buy from Amazon UK click here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0053CZKHS

To buy from Amazon US click here: http://amzn.com/B0053CZKHS

For information about the author visit their website http://mandybaggot.webs.com/