Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Hating Game by Talli Roland

Mattie Johns runs a recruitment agency, but things are not going too well for her. When she broke up from her ex Kyle Cook, he had taken almost half her clients when he had set up his own agency. Business was now so bad that Mattie is about to go bankrupt.

Then when Mattie is approached to appear and take part in a brand new TV reality show and is told that the price money is two hundred grand. Mattie sees this as the answer to all her problems and agrees to take part.

Little does Mattie know that the show she was told was called “Second Chance for Romance” is actually a show called “The Hating Game” and that Mattie had been selected to take part due to her having a long line of exes to choose from because “The Hating Game” is actually a dating game that the contestants that Mattie will be choosing to date, are actually four of her exes!

With the TV production company not been entirely honest with Mattie, just how far are they prepared to go to make and manipulate in order to make entertaining television and to get good ratings?

Talli Roland books really make me laugh. They are written with really good humour that make you laugh out loud at times but also gasp at times at the behaviour of some of the characters. The Hating Game is a really great, enjoyable and entertaining read. 

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Monday, 20 February 2012

As Easy As That by Mary O’Sullivan

Kate Lucas is married to advertising executive Fred. Kate works as a personal assistant to one of the leading trial lawyers in the country Richard Gordon. Kate is happy with her life and all she wants now is to have a baby to make her life complete.

Then Richard suddenly says he has sold the practice and new owner Martin Burke soon takes over. Martin tells Kate that he has discovered that the highly respected Richard may have been involved in some shady dealings involving property developments. Then when tragedy strikes and one of Kate’s friends’ husband dies, her friend is left broke and penniless. It looks like her husband had invested all their money in Richard’s property development; Martin and Kate investigate to uncover the truth.

As things become unsettled in Kate’s work life the same starts happening in her home life. Fred seems to be more preoccupied by his work and more interested in his new graphic designer, Adele Sheehan than in having a baby with Kate. Things turn even worse when he starts drinking. Has their marriage starts to have problems Kate becomes closer to Martin.

Will Kate and Martin uncover the truth?

What is going on with Fred?  Just what is he keeping from Kate?

What I really like about Mary O’Sullivan books is that you know you are in for a really good read. As Easy As That is just that. You can not help but get drawn into the story and characters straightaway, it really pulls you in. What I liked about this storyline was the mystery.  I could not stop reading wanting to find out what was going on.  Mysterious investments, risk taking and tragedy, an excellent storyline from beginning to end make this book a must read.

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Nothing to Lose by Lavada Dee

Available for Valentine’s Day 2012

This is the brand new romance novel from Lavada Dee.

Galynn Taylor is scared and on the run. She is running away from her partner Mick who has become violent. Galynn had wondered if Mick had always been violent and controlling or if it was down to the steroids he had started to taking that had changed him from the caring man into the monster she now knew him to be.

Bruised and battered Galynn travels across the country, to escape. While she is walking to the next town she gets caught in a storm and tired and exhausted she collapses on the side of the road. Luckily she is found by a truck driver called Cooper Blackhawk. Cooper takes her for medical treatment to a clinic where his brother works as a doctor. Cooper then lets Galynn stay at his home and he takes care of her as she recovers from her injuries.

Galynn and Cooper become close. They are attracted to one another. Galynn knows that she should not trust Cooper or any other man again, but Cooper makes Galynn feel safe and romance blossoms and it’s not long before Cooper tells Galynn that he is in love with her.

Galynn becomes to feel unsettled and she is afraid that Mick might find her and not only hurt her but Cooper as well. So she decides to leave and go on the run again. She gets a job as a waitress in another town, but soon she starts to feel unwell with nauseous. Could she be carrying Cooper’s baby?

Just in time for a Valentine’s Day, this is a nice story of love and romance with some sizzling scenes.  With a good strong storyline and likable characters that make this book the perfect Valentine read.

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Parting Company by Mary O’Sullivan

Claire Hearn is devoting all her time and energy to her research. Claire’s father Frank Dawson runs the family business Dashern Chemical Company. He built Claire her own research and development unit, when she had left university. A purpose built lab, where Claire could get lost in her work. Claire is about to make an important breakthrough in her work and she makes a huge discovery that could benefit mankind.

Frank had built up a thriving detergent manufacturing industry from nothing. Dashern products were distributed all over the world. But profits are falling and the company was heading for trouble. Claire’s husband Brendan is the Deputy Director at the company. He had wormed is way into the company by marrying Claire. Brendan had never been supportive of Claire’s work and their marriage was falling apart. Unknown to Claire and Frank, Brendan had been researching and negotiating with a company called RTTI for them to merge with the company to go into making herbal medicines.

But is it Dashern Chemical Company that RTTI want?  

Do they know about Claire’s research and want to steal it for themselves?

Can Claire stay one step ahead and hang on to her findings?

This book is a thrilling read from Mary O’Sullivan, the storyline is excellent. Good characters who generally want to help people and show the good side to human nature versus bad characters who want to take something that could be used to benefit mankind and use it for themselves for profit and personal gain, showing the bad side to human nature, when money and power can be put before the value of human life.

I found myself willing Claire to succeed and to protect her findings from the people trying to take it from her. Not only does Claire make a groundbreaking medical discovery but she also discoveries things about herself and her life that she can change for the better.

Another page turner of a read from Mary O’Sullivan you just will not be able to stop reading this compelling book. 

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Friday, 3 February 2012

Winchester: History You Can See - By Penny Legg

This book looks back at the history of the city of Winchester. Winchester is a city full of history and in this book Penny Legg takes a look at some of the fascinating points of interest. Showing the history of Winchester through photographs and with detailed descriptions about the background, the book explores from Winchester Cathedral, churches, cemeteries to statues and King Arthur’s Round Table to the house that Jane Austen spent her final days.

This book will be an interesting read not only for the people who live in Winchester but it makes a brilliant guide book for those visiting Winchester. The photographs really bring the book to life. 

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Voices of Southampton by Penny Legg

Voices of Southampton, is a wonderful collection of people from Southampton telling their stories and experiences of growing up in Southampton. The stories come from a variety of different people that recall their memories going to school and work or personal memories of their family, friends and members of the community. There is also a chapter on Southampton stories during the war. There is a good collection of photographs to accompany the stories. 

I found all the stories interesting in this book. The one I was most moved by was the story about Ben Parker, which is told by his son. Ben Parker was the only survivor in an air raid. The actual air raid shelter was bombed that Ben was in and he was the only survivor. The air raid killed Ben’s mother, and all his siblings. Ben was only ten when this happened to him. The book shows a moving letter Ben wrote to his father.

There are many more uplifting and sometimes funny stories too. The book is full of interesting stories and there are some really colourful characters in the book.  By the end of reading the book you do have a great insight into how Southampton has changed in the last seventy years.  Another brilliant read from Penny Legg.

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