Monday, 29 October 2018

The Girl who Talks to Ghosts by J.H Moncrieff

Kate has a gift. She can connect and communicate with the dead. She uses her gift to help people. Kate is on a case to save a kidnapped soul, by a deranged and deadly doctor. She must travel to a remote Italian island to help bring back a young girl's soul intact, to save her life, while risking her own life to do so. Such is the risk of her mission she asks her friend Jackson, who doesn't know quite what he is letting himself in for and the adventure that awaits them ahead.

I do not usually read horror or dark fiction, but seeing as it is about to be Halloween I thought I would leave my comfort zone of love and romance, and have a look to see what the other side has to offer. I found the narration to be very lively and interesting. I did find some of the scenes a little gory at times, but that was to be expected reading this genre, right? However I would say this book is more like a thriller than a horror. I am glad I tried something different. I can see the book's appeal and if you are a fan of this genre then I recommend this book to you.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Snowflake Over Holly Cove by Lucy Coleman

When life-style writer Tia is sent out of London on an assignment by her usually stone-cold boss, to a remote and small seaside town in South Wales. Tia finds herself in the beautiful beach haven of Holly Cove cottage. The perfect place for some quiet reflection and to come to terms with her loss.

However soon the locals make her feel so welcome she begins to feel at home. When she meets Nic they get off to an ice cold start and things are frosty between them. Will things begin to thaw out before Christmas, or will it take a little help from the spirit of Christmas for a little romance?

Cosy up for Christmas as the long nights draw in with a beautiful heart-warming and romantic storyline about overcoming loss and learning to live life and love again.