Thursday, 21 July 2016

There Is Always More To Say by Lynda Young Spiro

A chance meeting, an instant attraction and a forbidden love. Thoughts of intimacy and what could have been are the essence of this book. Our leading character takes the reader on an intense journey of a long distance relationship of only a small space of time spent together, that shows a lifetime of love.

Every once in a while a manuscript or book is sent to me that you can see has the potential to be something really special and this is one of those amazing times. The book can be read in one sitting and it was read in one sitting with me. I could not put the book down. Emotionally charged with feelings, this is a book that deep emotions pour out over the pages. Words created beautifully, some may find it a touch repetitive, but the narrative which it written the character would often have those repetitive thoughts on her mind. So I thought it to be poetic. The jumping back and forth between decades was done well and does not confuse the reader. I liked the way the writer made the focus on the love between the two characters and not on their sexuality. A beautiful book. More please! Dear author.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Kidnap by Barbara Spencer

Five children are kidnapped, all have wealthy, powerful and influential parents. A serial kidnapper is on the loose and when news of an unaccounted for plane crashing reaches the families and police they must act fast to save the lives and to bring the youngsters home safe.

Told from both the captured youths and the police and families looking for them points of view this story builds into quite an adventure for the youngsters, who are used to living very privileged lives and now find themselves having to fight for their freedom and form a friendship bond with each other in order to survive.

I enjoyed the pace of the book and the chapters at times left me in suspense and made me want to read on and find out what happens. I found all the characters likeable and I found the storyline original, although I did find the ending a little bit abrupt and would have preferred a more neater ending, but I can see why the author chose to give it the ending she did and it does work.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Weaver of Dreams Nikki Bywater

All ideas have to come from somewhere and often for a writer the inspiration can come at anytime. For example there you are sitting in a nice restaurant with good company and having a wonderful evening. Then it strikes, an idea, the need to go write it down. You know you must act fast before this brilliant piece of work fades from your mind forever. It can be the same driving the car and having to pull over and write it down on whatever you can find available. At these times we never have our notebooks handy do we?

I once storyboarded on a tablecloth that belonged to a rather nice hotel in London. I just could not stop myself as the words poured out. It worked for me, sadly not for the tablecloth. Napkins are the best I find, perfect for this. I always have a pen never paper. I know even after writing this that will always be the way.

The ideas that come to you in your dreams are best. You have an amazing dream and you know it would make a good story, but then suddenly it's gone, you no longer remember or have a clue about what the dream was. You try hard in your mind to bring the memory back to the front of your ever crowded brain, but its gone.

Why do we have dreams anyway? Entertainment while we sleep? It just goes to show that we humans need to have the land of make believe in our lives. The escapism it brings. We act out whole scenarios in our sleep that are very real. People interact with us and we have sometimes logical, but then at times the weirdest of dreams, right? Not to mention nightmares. What are they all about? Sometimes people even dream and think they are awake. Sometimes people dream while being awake. What's it all about?

Many a book written too, that tell us our dreams meaning. Like there is some kind of hidden message in our dream and a purpose for it.

Dreams don't seem to come from ideas do they? They are very random, but there you are suddenly in a scene, interacting with others, like it is real and you are really there. Sometimes you can dream so deep that it takes you a few seconds to grasp where you are when you wake. Or if someone wakes you up and you are having a fabulous dream…

The writer is the dreamer, for us the dream never ends. We can create and live in a world of make believe and lose hours in our work. We can be our characters and invent their world. We have the control over their lives and destiny. For like dreams we create a succession of images, ideas and emotions. A writer is the weaver of dreams.