Thursday, 8 March 2012

Dancing in Heaven - A Sister’s Memoir - By Christine M Grote

This is the remarkable true story all about Annie, told by her sister the author Christine M Grote. Annie was born with severe brain damage in 1958 when Christine was little more than a year old, so her memories of childhood don’t include a time before Annie. She had always been in Christine’s life with her disabilities fully present. She had never known life without her.

The whole family take constant care of Annie. Annie is diagnosed as having cerebral palsy. Annie does not walk or talk. Although she does not speak she can respond to family members by movements in her right arm and leg and by using facial expressions and by smiling.

Christine tells Annie’s story in a diary of events leading up to Annie’s passing. It is a very touching memoir of what is happening in the present as the family prepare for Annie to pass, when her health deteriorates.  To reflecting back to the past memories and there are some beautiful photographs shared in the book from past memories.

This book is a must read. The love and devotion shared for Annie by all family members is present throughout the book. You really feel the emotions of the family as Annie reaches the end of her life. Annie’s personality and charisma shines too in the wonderful way memories and photographs are shared and written beautifully by a loving sister. 

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  1. Thank you for the nice review, Nikki. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about Annie.

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  3. Thanks to you too, it is a beautiful read.