Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Reckoning Tide by Anneli Purchase

Escaping from her abusive husband Robert, Andrea finds safety and plans to start a new life with new love Jim. However mentally unstable Robert is not prepared to relinquish his control and hold over Andrea. Stalking the couple in a creepy game of cat and mouse across the ocean into a reckoning tide.

I actually read this book in one sitting. This is one of those wonderful stories that pulls you in from page one. I was intrigued. The storyline did remind me a lot of the novel and film Dead Calm and the suspension in this thriller did not have quite the edge that keeps building up to an explosive ending. All in all though it does have a good pace to the story and is a nice easy read.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Smuggler's Moon (Rakes & Rebels Book #5) by Cynthia Wright

A sham wedding brings together our two leading characters... The dashingly handsome Lord Sebastian and feisty Julia. Both have been left hugely let down and in debt by family members who have gambled away their fortunes. Adventure and danger soon follow and stormy seas are ahead. Can love blossom under a smuggler's moon?

Set in Cornwall in 1798, this is a historical romance novel that has a spark that will sweep you along throughout the story as you get captured into the heart of romance. With some sexy scenes and a good, strong leading lady in Julia and a loveable rogue of a romantic hero in Sebastian. The chemistry bounces off the pages and is so wonderfully written you will not want to stop reading. Author Cynthia Wright has done excellent research of locations too and they give the story a beautiful backdrop and setting that adds another dimension to the story.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Life Swap by Carol E. Wyer

Simon and Polly have similar submissive personalities and the lack of confidence to stand up for themselves is making their lives a living hell. So when they are given the opportunity to swap lives with other people, they both jump at the chance of leaving their lives behind to live more glamorous and exciting lives, regardless of the hellish consequences.

Although some may find the pace of this book a little slow to begin with, it slowly builds up to setting the perfect timing for a story that could easily be adapted into a script. I really liked the clever way author Carol E. Wyer leaves the reader in suspense at the cliffhanger endings of the chapters, leading the reader into the unexpected. This added with a good injection of humour to the story makes it a highly amusing and entertaining read.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Match Me If You Can by Michele Gorman

Three friends, Catherine, Rachel and Sarah who all are single and live together try to find love through a dating company that works, that when you join you have to enlist your ex too. A kind of recycling relationships by nominating and getting your ex to join while they then can fill out a form, which hilariously is supposed to give them a heads up on how they can improve their chances of finding love.

A very entertaining and funny read. Witty wording and some great characters give this book charm, appeal and a good sense of humour.