Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Watercolours in the Rain by Jo Lambert

A night of deception changed the lives of Talún and Jess, their relationship came to an abrupt end and they both went their separate ways. Fresh starts, new lives and moving on, a twist of fate brings them both back to the village at the same time for different reasons.

Talún now the heir to a fortune and living a good life, is an easy target for scheming and manipulating Lily, in finding her dream life of a wealthy husband and funding the extravagant lifestyle she dreams of. Using their one night stand for a backbone to build her lies and deception. Talún soon finds himself trapped in a situation that leaves him hopeless and powerless to be with the woman he loves. His only chance of hope lays with sleepy summer secrets from the past to set him free and for a chance of love.

With a lost love theme. A tangled web of a love triangle, that slowly becomes untangled, revealing the truth. If you have read Jo Lambert books you will be acquainted with the characters in this book. It was great to return to their world and catch up and get the next instalment of what happens next. The book can also be read as a standalone story too, but because all author Jo Lambert books are good, I highly recommend you read them all.