Monday, 27 October 2014

Lucky Girl How I Survived the Sex Industry by Violet Ivy

Violet Ivy is a licensed international sex worker in Australia, and in her book she does not hold back and shares the intimate and personal details of her job. Has you would expect the book is for adults only as it does contain graphic stories of sex and sexual exploits, we learn how Violet made the transformation from her ‘normal’ life into the highs and lows working in the  world of sex and prostitution. 

This is a very interesting and fascinating read. Violet Ivy manages to break down all taboos that people may have about this line of work, and present a truthfully honest account of what it is like to be an international sex worker; the stories are shared with good humour. 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Falling Angels Among us The Complete Series by Linn B Halton

Ceri has a gift, she can see Angels, and they appear to her as apparitions helping Ceri to save people and keep them safe. Ceri also has some psychic ability. Ceri attends a workshop to try and understand and learn about her gift. She works with a medium and develops her gift and learns much more about herself than she ever thought was possible.

Ceri works with Alex, there is a strong attraction between them. Alex is a good support to Ceri. Ceri becomes more confident with her abilities. Ceri and Alex fall deep in love but they soon learn that their love is forbidden and that they must find a way to live apart.

Coming to terms that they cannot be together Ceri and Alex try to live their lives apart. Finding it hard, but trying to accept that this is their destiny. However does fate have other plans for the couple that could change everything forever?

At last all three books in a complete collection. No waiting to find out what happens next; you can now read all of Ceri and Alex’s story in one great read. Linn B. Halton writes a rollercoaster of emotions in all her novels. They are full of romance, drama and just add that touch of a psychic mix to make the characters have extra depth and edge. This is one of those remarkable stories that will leave you thinking, and stay in your thoughts for a while after reading.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Transforming Pandora by Carolyn Mathews

Finding it hard to come to terms with her husband’s sudden death, Pandora visits a spiritual church where she is given a message encouraging her to meditate. Pandora finds that during meditation she can communicate with a wise old spirit, and with spirit awakening in her, she reflects back on her life in the past, to lead her to move forward with her life in the present.

This is just one of those really beautiful, touching and delightful stories, that draws you in from the very beginning and keep you enchanted until the very end. Pandora is a fifty-one year old woman, who is at a crossroad in her life, and she gets guidance from a divine being. However what is wonderful about this book is that the spiritual side is only touched on very briefly, allowing the plot to flow around Pandora’s life, telling a remarkable tale about life and love.