Sunday, 2 September 2018

Wonderful Words and Quotes by Nikki Bywater

You would be surprised just how much truth can go into fiction.

I have no idea where the ideas come from.  If something moves me... It motivates me to write.

I am a scribbler of ideas.

I like working with a group of writers. I love to storyboard ideas and watch them bounce around from writer to writer.

I like the wit in words.

When you write...
When you write that one perfect line.
That one line that connects and completes the words perfectly in sync. Just that.

To create a character. To live and breathe a whole new person. To put the words into that characters mouth. You decide what is their fate. Just to be creative and escape into the depts of your imagination. To be allowed to do just that. Scriptwriting can take you anywhere and everywhere and back again...

I like breaking the rules.

I like to push the limits of my imagination.

I like to see a manuscript come to life.  To take its first steps and to see how it will develop. How can we make it work?

I like to make dreams come true.

You take one idea... You run with it... You run and run... At times you want to run away from it... But always you find yourself at the finish and THE END.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot - The Further Adventures of Mavis Upton by Gina Kirkham

Following on from the wonderful and witty, Handcuffs, Truncheon and a Polyester Thong, once again we join police officer Mavis Upton and her lively life policing. Mavis is trying very hard to solve the mystery of a dodgy 'doughnutter' and I tell you this, I will never look at a doughnut the same way again! Filled with fun and great comical timing this book was a joy to read.

Having really enjoyed and been thoroughly entertained by the first book in this series by author Gina Kirkham, I was really looking forward to the second book, and I was not disappointed. Gina tells a good tale with such hilarious humour that I had to pause between pages, to have some reading recovering time. I was splitting my sides with laughter. Such is the character and situation comedy in this book. Do we have a good police comedy on TV right now? I certainly nominate and put forward Gina and her stories. I would love to see Mavis Upton and her comedy calamities brought to life on the screen.

As much as I smiled and laughed my way through the book at times I found some scenes touching and moving and this is done so well in the writing. Never a dull moment and I cannot wait for book three.