Monday, 26 March 2018

That Summer at The Seahorse Hotel By Adrienne Vaughan

Mia cannot escape the thoughts of her past. Growing up not knowing who her father has left Mia with a lot of unanswered questions, questions her mother, a successful and well-known actress is not prepared to answer. So when Archie a close friend of her mother and also a member of the Hollywood acting elite makes Mia a generous offer and a grand gesture in his will leaving her with something extraordinary, will this lead to Mia finally getting all the answers that are necessary in the search of just who is her father?

Once I get an Adrienne Vaughan book in my hands, I know from page one that the book will take me away to far off places without me leaving my sofa. This is an emotionally charged story with a heart and soul feel from deep within the passion of the pages, add great adventure, secrets, lies and betrayal, that leads you so close into the characters lives you cannot help but become involved and read on for the outcome to a breathtaking and at times suspenseful story.