Saturday, 28 June 2014

Recipes for Disaster by Sheryl Browne

Take two people Lisa and Adam at the beginning of their relationship, mix together with an interfering, overprotective mum. Add one extremely lively Jack Russell named Rambo, and a pet parrot called Flint.  Blend in a best friend; throw in some mayhem, madness and a misunderstanding, which leads to two hopeless cooks, Lisa and Adam doing the cooking for a fancy lunch at a golf club, bring to the boil with an extremely funny storyline that will have you laughing out loud.

This is wonderful, witty book that is very clever because it combines a romantic comedy with a cook book. Yes! You heard me right it is two books in one. Comedy and cooking combined to give you a new reading experience. The story is written around recipes--really good recipes that even I the microwave queen could have a go and make and bake. Not only do you get the fantastic recipes and story, but there are also photographs too that accompany this book which make all the perfect ingredients for serving up a five star read.

My son Liam recreating the book cover

Actual book cover

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Moment by Moment by Laura Taylor

When Michael Cassidy and Elizabeth Parker meet, there is an instant chemistry, but they are both playing it cool, due to events which have happened in their past. Trying hard to, but unable to fight their mutual attraction they become close, only for Michael to reject Elizabeth, with both Michael and Elizabeth afraid to take a risk. If they take it moment by moment is there a chance for love?

It is another sensational read from romantic author Laura Taylor. This is an emotionally charged story about two mature people who need love but are afraid to let go of their past. The sensual scenes are very well written and add extra flavour to the story-line. This is a passionate and dramatic story of a fear of love over taken by a deep desire of the need for love.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Applause by Madalyn Morgan

Margaret Burrell had always dreamed of being an actress, a big star in London’s West End. So when she begins working as an usherette at a theatre she hopes this will be her first step onto the show business ladder. What follows is an emotional rollercoaster of an emotional journey, as Margaret Burrell turns herself into acting and singing sensation Margot Dudley.

The story is set during the Second World War and all the nostalgia of the time is captured in this book. The story is filled with the highs and lows of fame.  The desperation and determination and lengths Margot is prepared to go to, to achieve her dream made me really liked the character of Margaret/Margot. I will really look forward to reading more of Madalyn Morgan’s books, she is an excellent storyteller.

Talk of the Town by June Tate

Set in Southampton in the 1920s, Tilly Thompson is a lively nineteen year old from a working class family who longs for a bit of excitement and adventure in her life. Tilly thinks she may have found it when she meets handsome Eddie Chapman owner of the Blue Pelican club, he offers to take her places and although he has a reputation Tilly is soon drawn in by his charm and charisma.

David Strickland is Tilly’s friend. He is an engineer officer on the Aquitania, and he is fond of Tilly and wants to be with her. He feels he has lost his chance when she gets involved with Eddie. However, when Tilly finds herself in too deep, she becomes involved in Eddie’s world where crime and violence are common place. Tilly must decide if she is willing to become the Talk of the Town.

This is a book that is packed with drama and there is so much going on that you cannot help but read on and on and on to find out what happens. There is never a dull moment in this book. The cast of characters are all interesting and the storyline is put together perfectly, to give us readers an amazing read. There is also a nice interview with author June Tate, some interesting facts from the 1920s, and much more at the back of the book.  This book is going in my top ten reads.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Public Property by Mandy Baggot

This is the sequel to Mandy Baggot’s first novel Excess All Areas.

Photographer Freya Johnson and famous film actor Nicholas Kaden are now engaged and living in America. Finally Freya can leave her past behind her and move on… Until her ex turns up from the UK and what follows are drama, shocking revelations that lead up to an explosive ending.

I thought I had read all of Mandy Baggot’s books, so I was so excited to find Public Property in my reading pile and that I would be catching up with Freya and Nicholas again, who are such great characters. This is one of those great story-lines that have you gripped from page one, and so much happens to Freya’s character in this book, and I did not see the amazing twists in the story coming and I found the plot playing out in my head like a good film. It is an amazing and entertaining read.