Thursday, 28 July 2011

Satchfield Hall by Pauline Barclay

Henry Bryant-Smythe is the selfish Squire of Satchfield Hall who cares about no one but himself. When he learns that his daughter Celia is pregnant to her lover David Gillespie he thinks nothing of banishing his own daughter and manipulating circumstances to send David off to war and soon news arrives of David’s death. Celia’s baby is taken away from her at birth and given to a childless couple to raise as their own and they are not told the full truth about the baby’s background. The consequences of Henry’s actions affect the lives of many people. It destroys people’s lives and takes many years for it to be resolved. Celia never forgets about her baby she has carried and given birth to.  Will she be able to undo the web of deceit that her father as weaved and be able to reconnect with her baby?

Satchfield Hall is a family saga it is about power, love, lies and in the end revenge. It is a wonderfully well written story of a period drama. It’s a page turner of a book it really gets you involved in the story.  The characters are really well written you really detest Henry Bryant-Smythe and really hope he gets his comeuppance.

Pack this one for your hols perfect summer reading x

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

When Tomorrow Comes by Joanna Lambert

Part one of The Behind Blue Eyes Trilogy.

This is the first book in the trilogy and the story starts of in 1967. Ella Kendrick is living in a village with her Grandparents. She falls in love with farmer’s son Niall O’Farrell. Ella plans to go to University to study to become a vet. When her Grandmother is killed in a tragic accident. Mel her mother who abandoned Ella eleven years ago returns. Ella wanting to get to know her mother better goes to live with her mother and stepfather Liam. However her mum wants to take control over Ella’s life and wants to marry her off into a rich family, for her own agenda to increase her own social status in the town. So Ella’s career plans are changed by her manipulating mother and after losing Niall love she ends up doing a secretarial course at college. But Ella meets what her mother would call an unsuitable man Matt Benedict and they fall in love. But can their love survive when they have both Mel and Matt’s mother Faye trying to stop them from been together and Andy Macayne the young rich man Mel would much prefer her daughter to marry.

Love, Lies and Promises by Joanna Lambert

Part two of The Behind Blue Eyes Trilogy.

Following on from the first book, Ella is waiting for Matt to return with his band after they have finished their tour. But Matt is now so busy with the bands success that it is not long before he is on the move again. So Ella does not get the chance to express her feelings to Matt. When Ella and Matt finally meet up, Ella finds out that Matt is engaged to a girl in London.  Thinking that she now as no chance with Matt Ella puts all her energies into starting up her new business and when her mother’s suitable choice of a man for her Andy Macayne proposes to her she accepts.

Ella is content and happy at first but is Andy the right choice of man for her? Can she move forward and forget about her past?

The Ghost of You and Me by Joanna Lambert

Part three of The Behind Blue Eyes Trilogy.

The final and concluding part to the saga. 

Ella tries really hard to make her marriage to Andy Macayne work, but Andy’s eye soon moves back on to his ex girlfriend Nina Taylor who is about to marry the very wealthy Alex Nicholson.

Matt Benedict is now living and working in New York, he returns home to open his father’s new club and to tour the UK with the new singing star Marcia Maguire.

When Ella and Matt run into each other at the clubs opening night will they finally discover the truth about what happened in the summer of '71 that kept them apart?

I really enjoyed reading The Behind Blue eyes Trilogy.  You really get to know all the characters well over the three books. The books take us through the mid sixties to the early seventies and we have lots of the nostalgia of the era mentioned in the book. Including the music, which makes you want to dig out those old combination albums from the sixties and seventies. The Trilogy would make a fantastic television series because there is a lot of drama and twists and turns that play out throughout the books. Just as you are thinking the plot is going to go one way you are hit with a twist that leaves you thinking not again! All in all a great read.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Torn by Gilli Allan

Jessica Avery is a young woman in her early thirties with a three year old son Rory. After changing her life by ending a bad relationship all she wants is to be a good mum to Rory and to leave her past behind. So she moves from London to the quiet country for a fresh start and to leave her past behind. She is about to find out that life in the country can just be as hectic as living in London. Despite not looking for love she finds herself “Torn” between two very different kinds of men the unsuitable Danny a young Shepard and his boss the more suitable James a widower with a young daughter.

She may escape her life but can she escape herself?

“Torn” is a well written romance novel with some racy sexy scenes. It as got a nice cast of likeable characters. A good storyline that keeps you interested. You really feel how Jessica wants to settle down and be a good responsible parent for Rory and that she just wants to fit in with people in her new life in the country. Danny and James are also great characters and we learn more about all their pasts as we read on.

Another really great read by Gilli Allan.

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Time and Tide by Mary O’Sullivan

What would you do if everything you loved was about to disappear forever?

This is what a community of people in a coastal bay called Felton face when an outbreak of Bluetongue virus occurs in a local sheep herd. Then the met office issues a weather alert. All coastal areas in Ireland are in danger of severe flooding. The threatened storm develops into a hurricane. The people of Felton have to unite to survive, sheltering in the fragile community hall. Together they face the might of hurricane Kimi.

It is a night of fear, violence, heartache, bravery, good and evil. A night when all pretence is gone and only the truth survives.

Time and Tide is a touching tale of how a community pulls together in time of crisis. The story focus on Robyn a journalist who is pregnant and her vet husband Zach who have been living a quiet life on the shores of Felton bay disturb only by Zach’s unease about Robyn’s previous affair with Kevin Phillips her boss of the Daily news. With the outbreak of the Bluetongue virus and the extreme weather report the media including Kevin descend on the village.

Does Robyn still have feelings for Kevin? How will she react when he shows an interest in her lively friend Tansy and will the village survive?

The book is full of drama. You really do care about what happens to the characters and feel for their plight as they go through the dangers of what the elements may bring as they are drawn closer together and learn more about one another the good and the bad.

This is a must read, it is a really good read.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Angelic Wisdom Trilogy by Richard Holmes

Volume 1 Wisdom

This is the first book of the trilogy written by Richard Holmes.
Richard Holmes is an experienced platform medium, teacher of meditation and spiritual awareness, a Reiki healing practitioner and an author of spiritual books.

If you are interested in angels and learning all about them then this trilogy is for you.  In the first volume of this trilogy we learn a lot about what angels are what they do. It sorts out the facts from the myths. For example do angels have wings?  We learn about angelic realms and angel spheres and angel names. Also in part of the book Richard does a question and answer session with our celestial friends and we are given an amazing insight into the work that angels do.

Volume 2 The Law of the Universe

In this book the second in the trilogy we learn more about our celestial friends and also all about spiritual law and answers, about life and gives you good advice about how to get the best out of life. It really makes you think and if you are on a spiritual journey and want to learn how to become more spiritual aware then this book is really a great read for that. It is very inspiring and uplifting. There is also a part of this book is a question and answers session.

Volume 3 Insight

This is the last of the trilogy the book consists with the question and answers dialogue all the way through the book. Richard asks the questions that he felt remained unanswered from the other two volumes. Richard asks some interesting questions and lots of different topics are discussed including soul mates and environmental issues.

The books are written in an easy to read and understand way and like a guide book.
After reading the entire trilogy I felt really uplifted and certainly felt I learnt a lot from the books which I can put into practice in my own life. I am sure a lot of people will be able to connect with the trilogy. It really opens your mind and Richard is a good spiritual teacher guiding you through the books.  These books are good to read not only if you have an interest in angels or the paranormal but if you are searching to make a difference and feel in need of change in your life.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Storm’s Heart by Rachel Lyndhurst

This is a romance novel about Kizzy Dean who as got no family in her life so her job as a restaurant manager is her life and all she has got. When she hears that her boss a wealthy Greek lawyer called Andreas Lazarides plans to close down the restaurant Kizzy tries to stop him by telling him that she has ideas which could save the restaurant. But Andreas has got his own personal reasons for closing the restaurant down and wants to keep those reasons private and he does not want Kizzy to tell the other people that work in the restaurant. So he offers Kizzy a new job in exchange that she does not tell. Before Kizzy gets the chance to discuss and find out more about her new job Andreas flies her to Rhodes. As the couple spend time together they become close and there are some sizzling scenes written in this book between the two characters, that are filled with heat and passion. But with both Andreas and Kizzy having difficult pasts can their romance last?

This is one of the best romance novels I have read. I love the way you are drawn from page one into the story and it is fast paced, it really keeps you interested. You can easily read this book in one sitting, but if you blush easily best read it indoors and not sat on the beach! This is escapism at its best and the way the descriptions of Rhodes are so well written it really brings the images alive in your minds eye.

This is the debut novel from Rachel Lyndhurst and I look forward to reading more of her work well worth reading.

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Working It Out by Nicola May

The cover to this book fantastically illustrated and its nice bright colour makes it stand out on the book shelf.

After been made redundant Ruby Matthews comes up with a plan after been inspired by a quote from Kahli Gibran about loving your work. So for a new year’s resolution she comes up with the plan to take twelve jobs in twelve months. She hopes this will help her find the job of her dreams.

We spend twelve months in the life of Ruby, as she spends a year trying out those jobs which include working in a nursing home for retired actors, working as a nanny for clients in the South of France, fortune telling and working in a funeral parlour. So it as got a real Pic ‘n’ Mix of jobs. This brings in a lot of different characters so the story is not just about the jobs but also about the people she meets and gets involved with. Ruby also finds herself having a few love affairs on the way too.

Because of all the different jobs Ruby does we are introduced to many wonderful interesting and some very sweet characters throughout the book as well as some love interests for Ruby along the way. Ruby herself comes across as a very caring and down to earth character.  With lots of books about redundancy often written about the emotions of despair and frustration it is refreshing to read this book which is written in a more positive challenge and there is good humour too. The book is over 300 pages long but the chapters are short and you just can not help reading a little bit more and more and more again!

This is a really great Chick Lit novel by Nicola May.

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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Necessary Heartbreak by Michael J. Sullivan

Necessary Heartbreak is the first of a trilogy of books by Michael J. Sullivan.

The story is about Michael Stewart who after his own troubled childhood after losing his own mother and a spell of been homeless and now after losing his wife he is a single father bringing up his teenage daughter Elizabeth. He is a good father and trying to do the best he can for his daughter. But due to past events he has completely lost his faith.

Michael and Elizabeth are helping out volunteering at their local church, when storing some boxes in the basement of the church, Michael finds a trap door, Michael thinking that Elizabeth may have gone through the trap door follows and finds himself in a tunnel and this is where the adventure begins!

They find that they have gone back in time to Holy week in Jerusalem and are caught up in the last week of Jesus’ life. Back to the time when the Romans where fierce and violent and brutal. With the help of a kind widow character called Leah will they be able to find their way back home? Will Michael’s faith be restored?

Necessary Heartbreak is a fantastic read; it draws you into the story from the very beginning. It is fast moving and can be read in one sitting. The storylines about Holy week are written with respect and it is clear a lot of research went into recording the accuracy of these events.  This is one of those books that you just do not want to get to the end of and thankfully Michael J. Sullivan is working on the sequel for which I will be first in the queue to buy!

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dear Dee by Sue Uden

This book is well written.

The story is about a small family, the mother Nickii, father John and their two daughters, Claire and Jackie who are in their thirties. Jackie has been suffering from Mental illness for the last eight years.

It is important to say that the main focus of this book, is not just on the issue of mental illness, it does not centre on the issue on how it affects Jackie, the story is more about the other members of the family and how they find their own individual ways of coping and dealing with the difficult and often helplessness, that Jackie’s illness has on their lives.

The family find that they do not get much help from the Doctor or Social Services which adds to their stress. When a new Doctor takes over Jackie’s case positive changes start to happen. 

You really do feel the emotions that each individual character goes through. The story really takes you through the difficulties that families are faced with under these circumstances. You do learn a lot by reading the book about human emotion. It is a very inspiring read and well worth reading.

A proportion of the sale of the book goes to The Stroke Association and Mind Mental Health Charity.

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Sunday, 3 July 2011

An Agreement with Love by Kristina Renee Mercier

Opening to the Flow of Life.

An Agreement of love is an original beautifully told story of love and loving, put together in the unique way of telling the story using poetry and verse.
The words are wonderfully woven together to tell the tale of love found and lost. The book really is in tune with the emotion and the feelings expressed of what is love, and to recover from love lost and to continue on the path of life. Throughout the story unfolding you are taking on an inspiring journey, which you can not help but connect and relate to experiences that have happened in your own life. It will also touch your heart. This book really pulls you in from the beginning to end, you just can not stop reading and the book can easily be read in one sitting and then read again and again.  This book would appeal to everyone who wishes to reflect on their own love life.

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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Being A Sceptic Is Oh So Easy by Linn B. Halton

When I first looked at the cover of this book I was drawn into the stillness and sadness of the empty bench. It sums up the same emotions we all feel when faced with the loss of a loved one.

Sadly Linn’s mother passed away in the spring 2009.
After going to an audience of clairvoyance Linn feels a strong impulse to write about past experiences which have something in common. They are all experiences of events in her life that she has had feelings of intuition. Linn feels as though her mother is inspiring her to write, thoughts and ideas come to her in fast flow. It’s these experiences that Linn shares in her book.

The book is not written to make sceptics believe that there is life after death; the book is Linn’s true life personal story of why she came to believe that there is life after death and how she has taken a leap of faith.

The experiences Linn shares are very interesting and she covers some topics that really make you think.  Some of these experiences moved me to tears, but by the end of the book I felt uplifted.

This is a really good read.

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