Friday, 30 June 2017

The Secrets of Villa Rosso by Linn B. Halton

Ellie has found her perfect soul mate in husband Josh, for the past couple of decades they have enjoyed a happy married life and have two children, however when Ellie is called away on an unexpected business trip to Italy and visits the enchanting Villa Rosso, she meets Max and feels strangely drawn to him and that they may have a deep connection. Knowing she is in love with her husband she struggles to understand her feelings towards Max. Is it possible their connection is from another time and place, or even another life?

I always like author Linn B. Halton books for there subtle hint of the paranormal and this creates another dimension in a lot of her stories and with a touch of mystery too surrounding this story, you will be pulled into this story straight away and the story will captivate you to the very end. Linn B. Halton knows how to tell a good romance story that will tug on your heartstrings.

The Secrets of Villa Rosso will be out on the 21st July 2017.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Second Chance Café in Carlton Square by Lilly Bartlett

Emma a busy mum of twins, takes a chance of turning a disused pub into a café to help give young people a second chance at turning their lives around for the better, by offering them traineeships for them to learn all aspects of working in a café and also help provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for customers.

A nice and easy read which is fast-paced, lively and very entertaining and the story will make you laugh out loud in places. There is a great mix of characters and it is a story that does not over do it on the drama, but is a down to earth realistic, everyday sort of plot line. This is the second book in the series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Dockland Girls by June Tate

Set in Southampton in the 1940's, three strong and independent women form strong bonds and friendship through the hardship of the aftermath of the Second World War, picking up the pieces and trying to overcome the trauma of their past in order to make their lives better for the future.

What I like about June Tate books is that they are not only historically correct and well researched with the facts of the era she sets her books in, but the way the characters and their situations are so real and true to life that you just cannot help but become emotionally involved with the characters. June Tate knows how to tell a good story. I highly recommend any of June Tate's books and there is a large back catalogue to chose from. So that's your summer reading sorted!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Exclusions of Emotions by Nikki Bywater

 Remember everything is just a dream away, we write so anything is possible. Things sometimes seem tough and there seems to be no way out, but never give up and never stop fighting for what you believe is right.

 Run away for a while and take some time out. Get lost in a good book. Take off on a plane and explore the world. Take off in your mind and explore. Find a place, a quiet place and reflex. Scream when you need to scream. Cry when you need to cry. Get angry and shout at the injustice of it all. Try and see why? How did it come to this? Why can't you see? How could you? But you did...

They blame the government.They blame cutbacks. They blame the system, pushing the responsibility onto my shoulders, my shoulders are strong. They leave it to me to pick up the pieces. The mess they have made. The life they almost destroyed. For they are weak and we are strong. They don't listen and don't allow opinion. Know they are wrong and we know they have wronged.

You hurt and we can take away the hurt. We will help you find a way through this. Look ahead and not behind. Keep focused and have a focus. Believe in yourself and have faith in others. Lose your trust in people and find it in others. Keep searching. You dust yourself down now and get yourself back up. Make time and take time. Smile, laugh, love life.

Knowing that people do care and we are always here to listen and to be a helping hand. From your first breath to my last. Nothing will tear us apart. We have love and there will always be love.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Silver Threads The Memory House Book #5 by Bette Lee Crosby

This is just a really sweet story about Drew who after tragic circumstances finds his whole world turned upside down. Drew is a totally devoted dad to daughter Brooke and he finds it a struggle juggling fatherhood and his job and after a further dangerous and difficult situation presents itself, Drew decides to move them both to a new town for a fresh start. This leads them to the magical and mystical Memory House. A place were kindred spirits seem to all end up who are in need of a helping hand.

This is just an amazing read, at first it felt more like a crime and suspense type thriller of a book, but it soon showed to be an emotional romantic and moving read, which pulls you right into the heart of the story. Each page is beautifully written and before I knew it I was almost at the end of the book. I have not ready any more books in this series and that did not matter, the book works as a stand-alone story. If I could give this book more than five stars, I would.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Fur Coat & No Knickers by Adrienne Vaughan

From reading the catchy title of this book you will be captivated into a wonderfully told collection of short stories. Words beautifully created, with realistic situations and characters. Touching tales at times, with twists and turns that are emotionally moving.

I enjoyed each and every word of this book. There is a poetic interlude between each story, making it so easy to read the book in one sitting. I especially liked the link in poetry to the authors other book titles too as I think all Adrienne Vaughan books are just fabulous.