Friday, 27 April 2018

Books by the Beach by Nikki Bywater

Well, I found an old dusty box of books in my attic a few weeks ago. Books bought and then put away and forgotton about. When you are a reviewer and have an hectic working life you find you have no time to read books of your own choice. So for the past few weeks I have just taken time out to do just that. Yes by now the books are a few years old and I had to blow the dust from the covers, but to just sit back and read and not take notes or write notes on a manuscript was like re-charging my reading batteries. So I decided to give myself a whole month off  from reviewing and just to chill out with a book.

I discoverd new authors and fabulous books. Some I do not even remember how they have ended up in this lost collection. In your forties you end up with a heck of a lot of stuff, so I have decided any of my personal books to pass on to the local charity shop, I mean think of the dust saving!

So what do I look for in my own personal choice of book? I have to say a good cover gets me every time. A catchy title and I like a read less than four hundred pages. Time saving and not too heavy. I love a light read, a little chic-lit, a touch of romance, a historical novel, so I am not too fussy, which comes in useful to be a reviewer.

I do like a happy ending. Characters that you can reach out and emotionally touch you. I have a Kindle, but love the feel of a book.

I think I may open a book shop by the sea.  Serve great coffee and oh yes there will be cake. In the evenings we will go to wine and host great events. All will be welcome and days will be good, nights will be exciting. Oh to live in flip-flops and be surrounded by books.

Books at the Beach. Books by the Beach. Once we have the title then away we go.