Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Never Do Harm by Mirren Jones

Two doctors, two friends, one is a very successful hospital consultant, the other is a hard-working and overworked GP, who at anytime is about to reach a boiling point and be pushed right over the edge.

Both took the Hippocratic Oath as all doctors must, but when their friendship is tested to the max and secrets and lies become undone in their private lives will oaths and promises still be pledged?

This book is very cleverly written not only for its extremely entertaining plot, but because it gives you a unique insight about the NHS and the struggle that face doctors in trying to carry out their day to day duties. For me, from a patient's point of view, this book educated me on why we do not always get the service we expect from the NHS. The storyline really highlights and raises issues that are preventing this in a fair and honest way.