Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Nothing is Forever by June Tate

Flora Ferguson’s life is left shattered after the tragic death of her fiancĂ© in World War I. All her future plans had come to an abrupt end.

Heartbroken, but brave and determined to move on, Flora decides to dedicate her life helping the poor and deprived children from around the docklands area of Southampton, by opening up a children’s home. Soon it is not only the children that kind-hearted Flora is helping, but other people in great need of a chance of change too. With the help of a local Priest and G.P they find that caring and trying to make a difference is no easy task, and that with their good intentions there are people with bad intentions who only care for themselves and their own criminal agendas and they will stop at nothing to destroy Flora’s good work.

Nothing is Forever is a touching and moving story, about one woman’s intentions to do good being jeopardised by all who are bad.  A powerfully told story that as so much going on in the story that it plays out like a film in your mind, and would be perfect to be made into a film or television drama that would out shine some of the programmes that do make it to our screens. The writing is excellent; I can say nothing but good things about this book and the characters.  I found this book to be especially touching on a personal note too as it did reminded me a lot about my own dear grandmother’s life. It is a realistic story of true to life drama. This is the second June Tate book I have read and I am pleased to see I have many more of her books to read, because I know if I have a June Tate book in my reading pile, I am in for a good read.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Penhaligan File by Kristen Stone

Steven Penhaligan thirty-five is the heir to The Penhaligan Foundation fortune. The Penhaligan Foundation is a pharmaceutical company. Although he is from an extremely wealthy family, Steven has decided to live an everyday normal life, working as a journalist on a paper, using the name Mark Andrew. Steven uses a different identity not because he is ashamed of whom he really is, but because his father is not happy with him working as a journalist even though he is a very successful journalist and writer too. Steven enjoys his life and prefers to be called Mark as that is what most people know him as.

Steven/Mark’s relationship with his father is to be tested even further, when a woman contacts the paper claiming that her husband’s death was caused by a drug called Hypernutrale that is produced by his father’s company. The drug was what her husband had been taking for medication to help with a condition he had called Viral Muscular Trauma. When he finds out that his father’s company have recently withdrawn the drug.  Steven decides to find out the truth and investigate, not knowing that he is putting his own life in danger and that he could destroy his father’s company.

This book is a really great read, a thriller, mystery and adventure of a story that keeps you in suspense. Family loyalty is really tested to the limits in this story. I was really intrigued by the story and I could not put it down. The book is a really well told story and an excellent storyline that keeps the reader interested from beginning to end. This is the second book I have read by the author Kristen Stone both books have been brilliant reads and I look forward to reading more books by this author.

Kristen Stone was born in London in December 1951. She grew up in what was then the leafy borough of Stoke Newington. She wrote her first novel at the age of fourteen, by hand in a collection of exercise books bought from Woolworths and stuck together with sticky tape. She wanted to be a writer above all else but was told quite firmly by her careers teacher ‘You can’t just be a writer’ At fifteen you believe what teachers tell you , so her dreams became just that, dreams. Obviously her teacher had not heard of the many great writers who do/did nothing else but write!

Married in 1974 she took a few breaks from office work in the attempt to find an agent or publisher, without success. Then in 2008 as retirement approached and getting up for work became a chore, she decided to give it one last shot. In 2010 she discovered the wonderful world of internet authors and suddenly she had writer friends around the world, praising her work and encouraging her to do more.

Now she offers help and advice to other authors through her editing service. She is co-founder of Blue Hour Publishing which specialises in publishing eBooks.

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Barbara’s War by F.J Miller

Barbara Sinclair is a sweet and innocent eighteen year old girl, who wants to escape from her unloving mother and step-father. Barbara plans to do this by joining the Land Army, hoping this will give her the opportunity to escape from an extremely difficult home life.

When her good friend John, who she has known since she was a girl, kisses her on the day he is leaving for flying school, to fight for his country. Barbara feels shocked and confused, she had always thought that they were just good friends and she had never had any romantic feelings towards him what-so-ever. She feels she must respond to his feelings, fearing he may go away unhappy and hurt if not.

Then after a particular awful incident at home, Barbara learns that her deceased father’s parents, her grandparents are alive and she sets out to find them.

Will Barbara find peace and happiness if she finds her grandparents?

Can she ever love John anything more than like a brother? Or will the new life she seeks bring other temptations her way?

Barbara’s War is a superb novel set during the Second World War, about one young woman’s own personal war against the unhappy life and to seek happiness. It is a coming of age story that is excellently written, it has you gripped from page one and the wonderfully written plot is so very entertaining with the occasional unexpected happenings in the plot and the way it is written is in a fast pace which leaves the reader half-way through the book before you know it, happily passing time by too without you noticing. Barbara is a very sweet and likable character and I am pleased to hear that there will be a Barbara’s War Part Two, as I reached the end of the book, I did not want to leave it there. I cared so much about the character of Barbara that I wanted to read more and find out and to make sure she got her happily ever after.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

H.E.R.O Horde by Kevin Gerald Rau

This is the fifth novel in the H.E.R.O series.

When some red-skinned bulky and strong mutants arrive in Metrocity, with a strong dislike to Goths and they start attacking Goth clubs in the city, they murder a new super called Greg Paffen, Greg finds that his mind is now inside one of the robots that he created, he wants revenge. The Goths want answers. Can our heroes find out what is behind the hordes attack?

We are straight into the action in this book, into an amazing adventure in Metrocity, from Kevin Gerald Rau’s amazing imagination. Great to see all our favourite heroes making an appearance in this novel and some new characters are introduced. I am now too left wondering… Just what will happen in Metrocity next? I can’t wait to find out.

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Never Alone by Linn B Halton

Holly Atherton has a good life, a job she enjoys doing working at an estate agent and she is in a fantastic relationship with a good lucking guy called Will. They have no financial worries, Holly had helped Will build up a successful business and they were now in a position through Will’s work to be dividing their time between the small town they live in and LA.

Holly’s life seemed to be perfect, until she begins to have strange happenings and experiences. She begins to sense and feel things about people and places. Holly soon learns what she is experiencing is paranormal experiences, and when she seeks help and advice on her new psychic abilities, new doors and pathways begin to open up to her to choose a path leading away from what she always felt was her fate. Does Holly have a new destiny to fulfil?

When I had finished reading this book, I was left with that WOW Feeling! It is just one of those great books that you just do not see the end that is coming. Although the book does have paranormal content, which I have to say is thoroughly researched and presented and written in a realistic and believable way. You do not have to be into the paranormal to find the story an enjoyable read. If you are looking for a good storyline and this is a brilliant one, then you too would enjoy this book. I really liked the character of Holly, how she is presented as a normal, everyday person and not stereotyped in a way writers often do when a character as psychic abilities. Another great read from Linn B Halton.

About the author:

Linn writes contemporary women's love stories that reflect life, but you are always guaranteed an ending that won't disappoint!

Love, life and beyond… but it’s ALWAYS about the romance!

Linn signed with US publishing house Sapphire Star Publishing in 2012; The Quintessential Gemini, a heart-warming romance was released in June 2012 and The Restaurant @ The Mill, a collection of life/love stories based around an old mill, was released in August 2012. Linn is a member of the RNA.

Linn also has two self-published books – Touched By The Light (a psychic romance that will make you think) and Being A Sceptic Is Oh So Easy (a diary of events/true story).

Linn is a featured new Author loveahappyending.com and also one of the Editors on the website's magazine-style blog.

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