Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Blogger Girl by Meredith Schorr

Kim writes her own Chick Lit book reviewing blog which is hugely popular, while also working as a legal secretary. Kim occasionally meets Jonathan her ex for sex that changes when she falls for Nicholas who works as an associate at the same company.

When Kim gets a request for a review from a new author Hannah Marshak, Kim is horrified, Hannah is a girl at school who was not very nice to her at school, and she has not seen her for over ten years. Kim is faced with the dilemma of reading and reviewing a book for someone she absolutely detests. Kim could make or break Hannah’s career as a writer.

Meanwhile she begins to date Nicholas, and she tells him her dilemma, and when she gets the response she does not expect it looks like their romance could be over before it begins, especially with the arrival of new associate Daneen.

OK… OK, I will let you into a secret I love Chick Lit! It is my guilty pleasure and I stand proud to come out and say this is a perfect Chick Lit novel with all that you could want and expect from this genre. Perfect for all us girls who have busy lives and just want to chill and detox with a good read.  

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Love & the Goddess by Mary Elizabeth Coen

When Kate’s husband announces he wants a divorce after a marriage of twenty-three years, Kate is left shocked as the life she has known comes to an end. Kate moves to Galway City, and when she goes through an upsetting and traumatic health scare this prompts Kate to go on a spiritual journey of enlightenment to seek out healers and spiritual gurus. To help her develop personal growth and development which will her find her inner strength and inner goddess to help her move on, and embrace the person she always was, and could be.

First I have to say what an incredible beautiful book this feels when reading.  The detail and presentation of the way the book is set out is a wonderful details that as to be mentioned. Although this book is a long read, I read it in almost one sitting. I found the words on each and every page of this book to reach out and touch me. There is something very emotionally charged, and powerful about this story that made me want to breath in every word, and follow Kate through her awakening. I wanted to encourage her to tell her she can do it! This book is going in my top ten reads, and it deserves more than five stars.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Lily Steps Out by Rita Plush

There must be more to life than cooking and making beds, and after thirty years of doing just this suburban New York housewife Lily is going to find out. Lily decides to go out and find herself a job, she finds the perfect one, and a fantastic opportunity, but husband Leon soon tries to put a stop to her new life. Lily must take on the new challenge of finding her own strength, and identity to become the woman she knows she can be.

Not a lot really happens in this book, although I did find it a little slow-paced, I wanted to read on and see how the story developed. For me personally it never picked up pace and I found my attention drifting at times.  I wanted more to happen in the story; I found what was going on to be a little dreary at times. But it was true to life, realistic and a nice easy read.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Curse (The Wexkia Trilogy #1) by Dale Furse

Nell is about to reach her seventeenth birthday, she has found that she has special powers like she is able to communicate with animals, and for a while she has had very strange dreams. Nell is looking forward to going to university, but when her father puts a stop to this she wonders why. Nell soon learns the life she knows is about to change dramatically, and that her ancestry is not what she thought. Soon she finds her life in danger, she must face prejudice, and fight for her life to try and restore peace to a race that has become divided by finding the book of Wexkia.

I really enjoyed the story. I thought for a story about aliens it was a unique and original.  Like most books that are the first in a trilogy this is setting the foundations for what I think will be a superb trilogy. I am looking forward to seeing how the characters and story develop over the next two books. 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Swimming Upstream by Ruth Mancini

Lizzie and Larsen are heading towards breaking-up after a long-term relationship. This is a huge life-changing moment for Lizzie who built her world around Larsen, she soon realises that she has no true friends, the friends she thought she had are all she made through Larsen.

When Lizzie is involved in an accident, she bumps into old school friend Catherine and is surprised when she recognises Catherine’s fiancĂ©. This chance meeting will spiral into changing Lizzie’s life forever.

There is never a dull moment in this book. I wish I could give the book more than five stars. The story is about the end of a relationship, and the beginning of something new, a fresh start, which sees new relationships, and friendships developing.  The story is excellently written, with a good cast of characters, each facing their own crossroads in life where important decisions need to be made.  The author covers some very serious issues in the book, and she does it in a realistic and sensitive way. This book is going in my Top Ten reads.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Are We There Yet? by Debra Salonen

Judy Banger is a divorced and in her fifties decides she wants a change in her life, so she joins a gym, and decides to take more chances with her sex life, to just go for it, however just going for it with an older man does not go quite the way Judy planned, resulting in her going from one hilarious scene to another.

I found this book to be written quite fast-paced for the first few chapters, and the story was comical and downright outrageous at times! All in all simply a good read not to be taken seriously. Although the book did seem to lose its pace to me at times, I did find the book entertaining.