Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Book for the Seriously Stressed - Geoff Thompson

How to Stop Stress from Killing You

If you suffer yourself from stress or if anyone you know does, then this is a really helpful book. Geoff Thompson’s book is very interesting and he has lots of personal experience of stressful scenarios that he himself as gone through and he shares with the reader, using good humour too at times on what he does now to avoid stress.

Stress can be a killer; it can take over your life and take the fun out of living. Reading this book will be a big help. Geoff Thompson looks at what causes stress, who is prone to stress, understanding others, why we hurt the people we love, our immediate reactions to stress, symptoms of short-term and long-term stress. He teaches the reader how to learn coping mechanisms to deal with stress, how to use stress as an energy force and how to get relief from stress. The book teaches you the secrets of controlling and using stress to your advantage.

I have people in my life who really do suffer from stress and depression and I found this book really helpful because it made me more aware and able to understand their condition better. Also I learnt why they behave the way that they do sometimes. The book is written in such an easy way for the reader to read, no long boring intellectual waffle, but in a good informative, interesting way.  I will definitely be reading more of Geoff Thompson’s books.

Geoff Thompson has written over twenty published books and is known worldwide for his autobiographical bestseller Watch My Back, about his nine years working as a nightclub doorman.

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