Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Beholder - David Bishop

This is a murder mystery crime novel.

Maddie Richards is a homicide detective who has a successful record on solving homicides. Maddie has been put in charge of solving the case of a serial killer they call “The Beholder” because he strips his victims of their beauty and is killing these beautiful women in the most brutal and violent way. Finding the killer for Maddie is like finding a needle in a haystack and she needs to act fast before the killer strikes again.

Set in Phoenix, Arizona this is a brilliant book by David Bishop that will hold the reader from beginning to end. In this book David does not shy away from describing just how gruesome and gritty murder can be. I liked the character of Maddie and liked that it was a good strong female lead in the story. The plot is really good, it keeps you guessing and in suspense all the way through the book. I would really like to read more books about Maddie Richards.

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  1. Thanks, Nikki. I'm so pleased you enjoyed my mystery. A second Maddie Richards Mystery will come out spring of 2013. Currently I'm working on a Matt Kile Mystery sequel to Who Murdered Garson Talmadge. The sequel will be in in June, titled The Original Alibi, a Matt Kile Mystery. Happy reading. David

  2. Thanks to you too David. I will be first in the queue to buy the latest Maddie Richards Mystery next year :)