Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Ask me if I’m Happy - Kimberly Menozzi

Emily Miller wants to say goodbye after living, for ten years in Italy. All she wants to do is to travel back home to the States and to leave her life and her marriage behind.

When Emily’s travel plans are delayed, she finds herself stuck for the day in a small Italian town called Bologna after a chance meeting with a kind stranger called Davide Magnani, he offers to act as tour guide and show Emily around the town that he lives in.

Emily and Davide soon connect and there is a strong chemistry between them. Is Emily about to discover that fate as more in store for her than she planned?

This is a beautiful, tender love story by Kimberly Menozzi. Set in Italy and with some use of the Italian Language in the dialogue, that really add to the feeling and romantic setting of the story .This is a really well written, well thought out love story.  I really enjoyed reading this book.

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  1. Sounds a rather sweet read, nice review

  2. Thank you. Yes it is you will enjoy this love story :)