Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Self’s Blossom by David Russell

This is a romance novel, the main character Selene is different from most of the leading female characters that you find in a romance novel. She is a strong women who knows her own mind, she has lots and lots of self-confidence, knows she is good looking, knows she is beautiful and that she has a good body that she looks after. Selene works as a journalist and she decides to go on holiday alone with a plan to look for a passionate adventure her plan is to go on holiday to meet someone for sex. She has a certain man in mind that she is looking for.

She goes on holiday to a place that she thinks would be a good setting for this to happen, the story is set in hot Central America with its beaches. It is not long before Selene seduces a young man on a beach. She knows this is not quite, what she was looking for so much to the young man’s disappointment she quickly moves on and does not dwell on her mistake and gets back on track with her plan. Then she meets Hudson, is he what she is looking for?

Right from the start of this story we know what Selene wants and as the story progresses we get to know Selene through her memories and that it is down to relationships that have been disappointing in her past that have made her the way she is.

A good read.

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