Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Murder at Blue Falls: The horse found the body by Maggie Bishop

Jemma Chase lives with her parents in their guest ranch in Boone, North Carolina.  When dogs are poisoned in the area, Jemma is interviewed by Detective Tucker when she becomes a suspect. Then, when there is an arson attack and several thefts in the area and Jemma and her horse discover a body when out on a trail ride. Jemma is determined to prove her innocence. She is a fan of the television show CSI so she decides to use her knowledge from watching the show to do some detecting on her own. She knows not to disturb the evidence and she is already a great photographer so she uses these skills to help herself. Can she solve the mystery to the escalating crime? Is it all connected?  Can she change Detective Tucker’s mind about her being a suspect?  Is she getting in too deep and putting herself at risk?

I really enjoyed reading this book even though Jemma is meddling and should be leaving it to the detectives. I wanted her to do well with her amateur sleuthing. A great mystery story by Maggie Bishop with some great characters.

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