Sunday, 21 August 2011

House of Silence by Linda Gillard

Gwen is working as a wardrobe assistant filming on set in Sussex when she meets aspiring actor Alfie. They begin a relationship and when Alfie tells Gwen that he is going to visit his family for Christmas, Gwen is more than happy to go with him. Gwen comes from a dysfunctional family who are now all dead, so she sees this as an opportunity to have a normal traditional family Christmas she is really looking forward to meeting Alfie’s family and getting to know them.

As soon as they arrive at Creake Hall a Tudor manor in Norfolk Alfie’s family home and she meets Alfie’s eccentric family of older sisters and his mother Rae who is an established successful children’s author who is reclusive and likes to stay in her room. She notices that Alfie begins to act differently and when she sees an old childhood photograph of Alfie and the boy in the picture is playing cricket with his left hand and she is certain that Alfie is right handed. She then discovers letters that have been sewn into a postage stamp quilt which provide her with more clues that something is not quite right. As she begins not to trust Alfie she finds herself drawn to Marek the family gardener who provides a sympathetic ear and listens to Gwen.

What is going on?  Can Gwen unravel the truth?

A thoroughly, grippingly great mystery story that really makes you curious to what is going on. All though some of the characters are slightly odd you cannot help but like them all. A really enjoyable read.

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