Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Two Pence to Cross the Mersey by Helen Forrester

This is the remarkable true life story of the author’s poverty-stricken childhood in Liverpool in the 1930’s.

Helen a twelve year old girl and her family move from the South, to their father’s place of birth Liverpool. Where her father hopes to find employment, but with no employment on offer the family slip from living a middle-class life style into deep poverty. With her mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Helen is forced to stay at home to help with her younger siblings in a house with no heating and little food and the only clothes she owns are the ones which she is wearing.

This book is a very moving true life account. A book that will really touch your heart about one girl dealt a bad hand in life, who refuses to drown in self-pity but is determined to make her life better and lift her out of the hardship she is going through and to escape the slums, even when her parents refuse her right to an education.

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