Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Pollyanna Plan by Talli Roland

Emma Beckett always expects the worse to happen in everything. She is always looking at the downs in life rather than the ups, the negative side to life and not the positives. When Emma loses her job and her fiancé, her best friend Alice challenges Emma to take part in the Pollyanna Plan, to see the good in everything and to be more positive instead of expecting the worse all the time.

When Emma starts to use the plan and good things come into her life, including handsome Will Ballard, life seems to be working out for the better, with a bit of positive thinking. All is going great, until Will seems at times distant with her and not known to Emma, Will is keeping a secret of his own. Can Emma except that life is all about living with the good and the bad?

Another great read from author Talli Roland. What I really like about books from this author is that they are so fast pace, no messing about; you are straight slam, bam into the plot of a brilliant, lively and entertaining story.  I recommend reading any books by author Talli Roland for an enjoyable read.

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