Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Falling Through the World by Rachel Clarke

Falling through the World is a compelling and gripping story all about a teenage girl called Sarah. Sarah is struck down with a mysterious illness and her health begins to fail her. Sarah becomes really ill and is no longer able to continue living a normal teenage life.  When her family find that they can get no help with a diagnosis from their doctor, they take it upon themselves to find out what it is that is making Sarah so ill. They find out that the illness that is the best match to Sarah’s symptoms is a condition called ME (Mya Encepho) a condition that does not seem to be recognised in the medical world.

In the authors notes in this book Rachel Clarke says that she hopes this novel can do a small amount to raise awareness of ME and she really does achieve this, I did not know anything at all about ME, I had heard about it, but now after reading this book, it does give the reader a better understanding of the condition and with its emotional storyline, it makes you feel more compassionate towards people who suffer from ME, than the detachment of if you had read up on the condition in a text book. By using characters emotions and experiences, this book is a great idea of how to get information across about a condition that is often not understood.

To buy this book from Amazon UK click here http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00A3S7Z20

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