Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I would like to introduce special guest-author Donna Douglas to my blog.

The Nightingale Sisters by Donna Douglas

Ever since The Nightingale Girls came out last summer, readers have been asking me when the sequel is coming out. And I’m pleased to say that The Nightingale Sisters is finally published this week! 

The Nightingale Sisters continues the story of the three student nurses, feisty Dora, shy Helen and aristocratic rebel Millie, training at an East End hospital in the 1930s. But there are lots of new characters, too, so you can still enjoy it even if you haven’t read the first book (although I hope you will!).

The Nightingale Sisters picks up a couple of months after the last book finished. The three girls are still students, sharing a room in the nurses’ home under the watchful eye of the formidable Home Sister. As well as coping with the ups and downs of life on the wards, with demanding patients and even more demanding Sisters, they each have their own heartaches to deal with. East End girl Dora’s family is facing poverty, and Dora has a difficult dilemma – should she give up her nursing dream to save them from ruin? And then there’s Nick Riley, the bad boy next door. Dora’s in love with him, but so is her best friend – and Ruby isn’t going to give him up without a fight!

Meanwhile,  her room mate Millie is involved in a love triangle of her own, as she finds herself caught between her fiancĂ© Seb and handsome doctor Will. But then an unlikely friendship with an elderly patient makes her question where her heart – and her future – really lies.

The Nightingale Sisters also introduces us to the new Night Sister, Violet Tanner. It soon becomes clear that Violet is not all she seems – but who is she, and what is the secret she’s hiding? The other Sisters are determined to find out. But their discovery sends shockwaves around the hospital…

I hope you enjoy reading The Nightingale Sisters as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you want to find out more about me and my books, take a look at my website –

Happy reading!

And now my review

At last the sequel to The Nightingale Girls, the brand new book from author Donna Douglas is now available to buy. I really enjoyed the first book and I really looked forward to catching up with the characters in the new book The Nightingale Sisters.

In book two the Sisters are now in their second year of training at The Nightingale Hospital in Bethnal Green, in the East End of London in the 1930’s.

Dora who is from a working class background finds it a struggle at times training alongside all the respectable middle-class students. In some ways she is working twice as hard as the rest trying to prove that she is just as capable as the rest and it is not easy for her. Things are made even harder for Dora when problems present themselves at home too and Dora faces a difficult decision of whether to carry on with her training or to help out her family.

Millie is now engaged to Seb but when they are married he expects Millie to give up nursing and become a full-time wife. Not happy with this plan will Millie be drawn to the charms of the handsome doctor William Tremayne?

Violet is the new night Sister with a dark secret she is in desperate circumstances in her personal life, when help comes from an unexpected source.

Continuing two months from where the last book left off. We are back in the lives of Donna Douglas’s wonderful characters. Each of the nurses have their own stories to tell and the brilliant way that Donna Douglas writes leaving the reader in suspense at the end of chapters, that you can’t help but read on, wanting to know and find out what is happening to these amazing characters that you can’t help but care about. I really liked the introduction of a new character called Violet and I found her story to be really moving. I really do hope there will be a book three in the series as I did not want this book to end. If I was able to award this book more than five stars I would, just like The Nightingale Girls, The Nightingale Sisters is a book well worth reading.


  1. A great post! This is definitely a book my sister in law would adore! She's a nurse and loves books like this. I might have to borrow the copy I'll be buying her for her birthday!

  2. She will love this JB, I have just been telling my aunt about Donna Douglas books The Nightingale Girls and The Nightingale Sisters, she is also a nurse. You will enjoy them too JB, they are fantastic reads, Thank you for stopping by:)