Sunday, 25 May 2014

Nightingales on Call by Donna Douglas

It’s 1937 and the student nurses are into their last three months of training. But how will Dora feel when she is paired up with her old enemy Lucy? The pair had never got along, but with them both facing problems in their personal life could this bring forth a change in their respect for one another?

Jess Jago comes from a rough family background, and she cannot believe her luck when she lands a live-in job at the Nightingale, working as a maid. She is keen to do well, and be free of her family’s bad reputation, but when things start to go missing and Jess is put in the frame, an unlikely source steps in to help.

Effie O’Hara is happy following in her sister’s footsteps when she leaves her home in Ireland to become a student nurse at the Nightingale. But she soon finds herself in trouble, much to her sister’s disappointment. Is nursing what she wants to do? She must make the decision before the decision is taken from her.

I always look forward to reading these delightful books from Donna Douglas, the characters are now so real to me as I have got to know them over the last three books. It was nice to see some brand new characters introduced in this book too. They were instantly likeable, and their strong storylines in the book had me drawn in with the drama, and intense circumstances they find themselves in. I do hope we will be here again soon from the Nightingale nurses, I can’t wait to see what happens next to all these wonderful characters.

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