Friday, 16 May 2014

Just Add Spice Carol E Wyer

Take two leading ladies, Dawn Ellis who finds escape from her dreary life by attending a creative writing class, and working on her first novel, and Cinnamon Knight, now here is where it gets interesting. Cinnamon is the leading character in Dawn’s book; she is Dawn’s alter ego. She is all that Dawn wishes to be. Cinnamon is strong and bold and is a cross between an avenging superhero and a scorned woman and she is out for revenge.

Can Cinnamon help Dawn Spice up her Life?

It’s another cracker of a comedy from Carol. This book is written with the warm wit and humour all of Carol’s fans have come to know and love. The characters are highly entertaining and from the hilarious opening scenes in this book you will be laughing and smiling all the way through reading this book.

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  1. Haven't we all had an alter ego at some time or another? I just loved this book!