Monday, 21 October 2019

Temple of Dreams by Carolyn Mathews

Sebastian feels drawn to enrol at a college of natural medicine, which has a sanctuary modelled on an ancient Greek healing centre. Once he spends time in the temple he has strange and mysterious dreams of Apollos, a young Athenian. Seb is able to see, feel and experience these dreams as if he is really there. In order to help him understand his dreams his college lecturer Sybil is at hand to help him decipher what the dreams could mean. Meanwhile his friends try to help unlock the mysteries occurring in his present life.

I found this book really fast-paced and engaging from the start. I really wanted to see how the character and storyline developed over the pages. There is a spiritual side to this story as well as adventure, mystery and romance. I have enjoyed reading all of Carolyn Mathews books and I highly recommend them all.

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  1. Thanks, Nikki. My reason for writing is to enlighten, uplift and, most of all, entertain readers. Love and thanks to anyone who buys or borrows my books. x <3 x