Saturday, 26 November 2011

Holiday Magic – The Gift of Love

A two story emotion – packed Christmas anthology.

By Laurie Ryan and Lavada Dee

This is a delightful book which is perfect for the Christmas holiday season. Holiday Magic – The Gift of Love contains two beautiful told stories about love and romance.

Healing Love by Laurie Ryan

This is the first story in the book.

Nicole Milbourne is on day six of her residency. She wanted to become a doctor because she has an interest in researching oncology. The reason why she selected oncology was due to losing her mother to ovarian cancer when she was just ten years old. Right now she needs to focus on getting through her residency and settling into her research.

Dr Damien Reed was respected by his peers and admired by all the women due to his good looks.  When Nicole makes a rookie mistake diagnosing a patient she expects Damien her boss to take her off the residency but he surprises her when he goes easy on her and she can’t understand why. Nicole is usually very good at the diagnosis part of her job she is doing really well. The part of her job that she finds hard is spending time in one to one conversations with patients. Nicole had a shyness that bordered on painful for years and she knows her people skills are lacking.

When a young woman comes in with similar symptoms to what her mother was diagnosed with cancer Damien tells Nicole that she might find it tough and that she will be put in this situation a lot and that she will have to decide if she can handle it. To which she shows him her determination to go into research and find a cure for this dreadful disease.

Then when Nicole helps diagnose one of Damien’s patients they become closer and Nicole finds herself falling for Damien. Something she feels would complicate her life right now.

So what will she do when Damien invites her to spend Christmas with him?

This is a really beautiful, moving and inspiring read by Laurie Ryan. I wish there was more people in the world as dedicated and caring as Nicole Milbourne.

The second story in the book is Priceless Love by Lavada Dee

Taylor Hamilton is from a wealthy family. She appreciated all the advantages she had every material thing that you can imagine. She knows she lives what some might call a dream life, but she was not happy. Her father wants her to marry Frederick. He wants to announce their engagement and to make Frederick a full partner in the firm. In Taylor’s world she has to do what ever her father wanted and he wanted anything that benefited his firm. Taylor had spent her whole life trying to please her father. She does not love Frederick but she likes him and she knows if she marries him it would be good for her fathers firm.

When Taylor travels to help with her friend Caroline’s wedding she meets Caroline’s brother Gabe. Gabe has been a widower for the past three years. He has got a six year old daughter called Mandy. He feels lonely, he has not been out with any other women since his wife died and he feels lonely and misses sharing his life in a relationship. He has been thinking that it is time for him to move on and for him to find someone to have a loving relationship with. When Gabe meets Taylor he can’t take her eyes of her and Taylor is attracted to Gabe too.

Could Gabe ask her to change her life, give up the big city and her family for him?

Will Taylor find happiness for the first time in her life or will she decide to marry her father’s protégé Frederick?

An excellent read all about love, this is a truly wonderful story by Lavada Dee. I really enjoyed this book. It makes a nice change to have two completely different stories in the one book. This book is the perfect feel good read for the festive season.

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  1. Oh just a perfect Christmas read! I am already on a quest for books which I will read for my holiday, and this sure sounds very very interesting. Thanks for sharing Nikki:) x

  2. Whats great about this book too Ananda is that you get two great stories in the one book. Perfect for these cold winter days and nights to stay in a read this wonderful book x

  3. Nikki,
    Thank you SO much for the wonderful review. I loved writing my story and loved reading Lavada's. I'm so glad you think they mesh well with the holidays. Both stories are close to our hearts and I appreciate hearing that they touched yours.
    On a side note, my niece is due any day to have her first baby, a boy. They plan to name him Liam Christopher. I noticed you have a Liam, also. A nice, strong name. :)

  4. Thanks to you too Laurie x It is so nice to read a book that touches your heart in the festive season. Thats nice for you having a new baby arrive in the family so near Christmas. My son Liam is 15 now we named him after my husband's late father who was a William but was called Billy so we went for Liam! I agree it is a good strong name x

  5. Sending lots of best wishes to you and your family Laurie hope all goes well with the new baby x x x

  6. Nikki, Thank you for the wonderful review. I loved writing Priceless Love and working with Laurie to create Holiday Magic. It's just been released and your review is our first. I can't begin to voice how happy I am you enjoyed it.

  7. You are so welcome Lavada. x