Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Working It Out by Nicola May

The cover to this book fantastically illustrated and its nice bright colour makes it stand out on the book shelf.

After been made redundant Ruby Matthews comes up with a plan after been inspired by a quote from Kahli Gibran about loving your work. So for a new year’s resolution she comes up with the plan to take twelve jobs in twelve months. She hopes this will help her find the job of her dreams.

We spend twelve months in the life of Ruby, as she spends a year trying out those jobs which include working in a nursing home for retired actors, working as a nanny for clients in the South of France, fortune telling and working in a funeral parlour. So it as got a real Pic ‘n’ Mix of jobs. This brings in a lot of different characters so the story is not just about the jobs but also about the people she meets and gets involved with. Ruby also finds herself having a few love affairs on the way too.

Because of all the different jobs Ruby does we are introduced to many wonderful interesting and some very sweet characters throughout the book as well as some love interests for Ruby along the way. Ruby herself comes across as a very caring and down to earth character.  With lots of books about redundancy often written about the emotions of despair and frustration it is refreshing to read this book which is written in a more positive challenge and there is good humour too. The book is over 300 pages long but the chapters are short and you just can not help reading a little bit more and more and more again!

This is a really great Chick Lit novel by Nicola May.

For more information on books by Nicola May visit her website http://bit.ly/jUysxP

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