Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Ghost of You and Me by Joanna Lambert

Part three of The Behind Blue Eyes Trilogy.

The final and concluding part to the saga. 

Ella tries really hard to make her marriage to Andy Macayne work, but Andy’s eye soon moves back on to his ex girlfriend Nina Taylor who is about to marry the very wealthy Alex Nicholson.

Matt Benedict is now living and working in New York, he returns home to open his father’s new club and to tour the UK with the new singing star Marcia Maguire.

When Ella and Matt run into each other at the clubs opening night will they finally discover the truth about what happened in the summer of '71 that kept them apart?

I really enjoyed reading The Behind Blue eyes Trilogy.  You really get to know all the characters well over the three books. The books take us through the mid sixties to the early seventies and we have lots of the nostalgia of the era mentioned in the book. Including the music, which makes you want to dig out those old combination albums from the sixties and seventies. The Trilogy would make a fantastic television series because there is a lot of drama and twists and turns that play out throughout the books. Just as you are thinking the plot is going to go one way you are hit with a twist that leaves you thinking not again! All in all a great read.

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  1. Nikki, many apologies for the delay in responding. A great review and yes, I agree, it would make for good drama. Thank you so much for this.

    Jo Lambert

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