Thursday, 28 July 2011

Satchfield Hall by Pauline Barclay

Henry Bryant-Smythe is the selfish Squire of Satchfield Hall who cares about no one but himself. When he learns that his daughter Celia is pregnant to her lover David Gillespie he thinks nothing of banishing his own daughter and manipulating circumstances to send David off to war and soon news arrives of David’s death. Celia’s baby is taken away from her at birth and given to a childless couple to raise as their own and they are not told the full truth about the baby’s background. The consequences of Henry’s actions affect the lives of many people. It destroys people’s lives and takes many years for it to be resolved. Celia never forgets about her baby she has carried and given birth to.  Will she be able to undo the web of deceit that her father as weaved and be able to reconnect with her baby?

Satchfield Hall is a family saga it is about power, love, lies and in the end revenge. It is a wonderfully well written story of a period drama. It’s a page turner of a book it really gets you involved in the story.  The characters are really well written you really detest Henry Bryant-Smythe and really hope he gets his comeuppance.

Pack this one for your hols perfect summer reading x

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