Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Love, Lies and Promises by Joanna Lambert

Part two of The Behind Blue Eyes Trilogy.

Following on from the first book, Ella is waiting for Matt to return with his band after they have finished their tour. But Matt is now so busy with the bands success that it is not long before he is on the move again. So Ella does not get the chance to express her feelings to Matt. When Ella and Matt finally meet up, Ella finds out that Matt is engaged to a girl in London.  Thinking that she now as no chance with Matt Ella puts all her energies into starting up her new business and when her mother’s suitable choice of a man for her Andy Macayne proposes to her she accepts.

Ella is content and happy at first but is Andy the right choice of man for her? Can she move forward and forget about her past?


  1. Sounds like an excellent read. Can't wait to clear my slate so I can tuck in to it.

  2. Well worth the read Melanie x