Thursday, 16 April 2015

Secrets of the Heart by Adrienne Vaughan

Marianne Coltrane is looking forward to finally settling down with her movie star partner, Ryan O’Gorman on the remote Irish island of Innishmahon. With its small population it is the perfect place for them to escape the constant pursuit of the paparazzi, and all that comes from being in the public eye when you are a famous movie star.

All does not go to plan and soon they are caught up in the real life drama of life. When a storm hits that could tear the couple apart, they are faced with life changing decisions and Ryan shows just how committed he is to Marianne and what is he is willing to risk for them to be together. Marianne must face her own commitment fears and have faith in their love.

This is the final instalment of the wonderful Heartfelt Trilogy of books. Although the books can be read as standalone books, I highly recommend that readers read each of these wonderful books. The island of Innishmahon provides a beautiful setting for the books, and the characters really pull you into the heart of the story. This is so much more than a romance story; it is an action and adventure story too.  I will really miss my escape to Innishmahon, and all the warmth and comfort the isle gives the reader in a remarkable read.  

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Don’t Pass Me By - Julie McGowan

When Lydia’s house is destroyed by an explosion in the blitz, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to flee and join a group of evacuees to safety in South Wales. What she needs to run from is just as much putting her life at risk than any bomb. Arthur and Amy are two school children also evacuated out of London to the small peaceful village in South Wales. While some of the characters are fleeing from danger, and to find safety, others are walking straight into events that will change their lives forever.

This is one of the most incredible moving stories that you can read, the author does not shy away from telling an amazing story, which covers some very dramatic events, and tragic circumstances.  With a good balance of good and bad characters with an amazing storyline that is gripping, this wartime drama is not to be missed. I will look forward to reading more books by the author Julie McGowan.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Meet the Author - Margaret Whittock

Margaret Whittock is a writer and researcher, living in London. To date she has written two novels, a non-fiction book, a number of short stories and journal articles. Her first novel, Ghost of Gallipoli, was
inspired by the chance discovery of her great uncles’ graves at V Beach, Gallipoli, during the late 1990s. This poignant find led Margaret to research both the history of the Gallipoli Campaign and that of her own family. Coupled with her personal experiences of diplomatic life in Istanbul, she wrote Ghost of Gallipoli as a tribute, not just to her great uncles, but to all the young men who died so tragically at Gallipoli, and to those they left behind. As the Centenary of the Campaign approaches in April, 2015, prompting remembrance ceremonies across the world, their story is particularly pertinent at this moment in time.
More on all above, and where to purchase Ghost of Gallipoli at:

Ghost of Gallipoli:

The outbreak of World War One: caught up in the fervour of the moment Jack Callaghan leaves his home town in Ulster … and his sweetheart Mary … to enlist in the Royal Dublin Fusiliers. The lovers will never see each other again for in the carnage that was Gallipoli Jack loses his young life, violently and prematurely on V Beach. But, though his body is mangled, Jack’s spirit lives on, his appetite for revenge nurtured by the knowledge that he and his comrades were slaughtered needlessly, due to their incompetent officers’ mistakes.              
For over eighty years now this vengeful revenant has bided his time, knowing that one day, someone would come to help him seek the retribution he craves. At last, that person has arrived: Jack’s great-niece, Ellie, relinquishing an academic career to wed her diplomat lover, Harry, in Istanbul. However, unbeknown to Ellie, it isn’t just Harry who awaits her arrival at the historic British Consulate.
Despite her best efforts to settle in, Ellie cannot understand why she finds herself so much at odds with diplomatic culture, or why the Consul General’s wife, Alice, appears to detest her. Ellie’s isolation increases as she learns her new husband and his colleagues are keeping something from her, a secret that everyone else seems aware of. As the atmosphere in the shadowy old Consulate grows ever more sinister, Jack gradually reveals himself to Ellie in a series of spine tingling encounters. Finally, he tells his terrible story to his great-niece, who, by now, is questioning her sanity. Privy to the most secretive of goings on, Jack exposes the political machinations going on around Ellie. Appalled by his revelations, she becomes Jack’s accomplice in his search for retaliation … with unimaginable consequences … not just for Ellie, but all of those around her.
Set against the fabulous background of Istanbul, Ghost of Gallipoli is a ghost story, thriller, and love story … and an account of the trials and tribulations of learning to live in an alien culture. Principally, however, it is a tale of how the sins of the fathers may be revisited on their descendants, regardless of time or place.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Meet the Author - Suzanne Brandyn

Why do I write Rural Romantic Suspense/Suspense with some romance and some Contemporary Romance? Well the rural aspect of my writing which mostly and will always be set in remote Australia is a place where I grew up. I played in paddocks surrounded by nothing but snakes, kangaroos, wild pigs, creeks, rivers and family. I have four brothers one older the rest younger, and that alone provided me with experiences. Whether it was fishing, climbing trees, riding horses, bomb diving into creeks, there is so much to draw upon for my stories.

They also say write what you know. I know about the hardships of farming, the ups and downs associated with drought, but not only drought, it's the unexpected such as a pack of wild dogs going through a property destroying live stock in the process, destroying pet lambs, and pet kangaroos. This is where my stories unfold - From remote Australia.

It's not only the wildness of the land that has a certain mystery, the land also holds an intriguing beauty, which is depicted in my stories. Dorothy Mackellar was right when she said, 'the wide brown land for me.' That's a definite.  My roots are grounded in the outback.

My last two novels Outback Flames and Outback Fever, my eighth published novel, reflect outback properties and small towns with everyday characters that readers can relate to.

Although Outback Flames reached #4 on Amazon Au, and is/was in the top 100 best sellers in the suspense section, my desire to be published by a Traditional Publisher is still strong, so who knows where the dust will push me. All I can say is that I'll write until the end, as I can't imagine doing anything else.  :)

Outback Fever: Release April 3rd 2015   Australian Rural Romantic Suspense

A mystery remains hidden for generations.

When Cassandra Kinkaid returns home for her grandfather's funeral with her two-year-old son, she inherits a sheep property, Willow Creek Station.

An ongoing feud has existed between the Kinkaid's and the Thornton's for generations, unknown to Cassandra until a few weeks ago. Now, someone isn't happy and wants her out.

Cassandra's mother Beth holds a welcoming home party for Jake Thornton, hoping to end the feud for good. How can they end a feud when the air sizzles like the Capulet's and Montague's, although Beth states there was never a Romeo and Juliet involved? Little does she realise Romeo and Juliet did exist, but they are far from star-crossed lovers.

How can Cassandra forgive Jake for breaking her heart, and how can she give up on her Grandfather's wishes? He'd turn over in his grave if he ever knew she was and still is in love with a Thornton. Besides, her grandfather left the property to her for a good reason and she isn't about to give in for love, or is she?

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Trading Vincent Crow By DCJ Wardle



Vince Crow had been party to a revelation the day before that was going to change his life forever. He was no longer one of the small town crowd that delighted in tales of vomiting into plant pots. Vince Crow was about to start living life differently.

Vince Crow had heard somewhere that you could trade a piece of useless junk on the internet and, within a year of swapping it for better and better things, get cool stuff. Crow decided that he himself was going to start off as that piece of tat, jump from one job to the next; indeed, he would trade one lifestyle for a new one, until he was finally a success. Every three months he would have to trade-up for an entirely new life – a new job, a new girl, new wheels, a new pad, new threads – until he reached the top.

The plan of comparing himself to a used item traded over the internet was of course marginally flawed, as there is a human factor to all of this which he’d overlooked. Besides, success isn’t just about work. It’s about the car, the clothes, the house, and getting the girl, so changing all of that with every new trade upwards is a lot more difficult than swapping an old stereo in the classifieds. Crow quickly learns what the price of success really is. An education he would never have got if he had gone to college...



D.C.J. WARDLE is the author of humorous novels 'Trading Vincent Crow' and 'Vincent Crow: Export'. In January 2013 he was author of the month on
Holding post-graduate qualifications in development management as well as community water supply engineering, over the past fifteen years, he has worked in developing countries in Africa and Asia, managing emergency and development programmes.


2 COPIES OF THE BOOK – UK winners receive a paperback and international winners an e-copy

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Castaway in the Caribbean by Janice Horton

What seems like a nice and easy assignment for Janey Sinclair to fly off to the paradise beach of Antigua, for a quick photo shoot with model Nola Nichols on a nearby island does not go quite as planned. When flights are cancelled an offer on board a boat with unlikely Captain, Travis Mathews brings an adventure which involves kidnap, murder, lost treasure, and modern day pirates.  

A lively romantic adventure, a nice and easy read that I found hugely entertaining, and enjoyable. Just perfect to cast yourself away from the mishmash of weather we are having at the moment and escape to a book with its warm and sunny setting in the Caribbean.  

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Eight of Cups by Mirren Jones

Six women first meet at university in the 1970’s where they all live together. After leaving university they all follow their own paths and all go off in different directions in their lives.  The story follows the women over thirty years as they each go through varies life changing events, marriage,  affairs, motherhood, divorce, and many other ups and downs challenges that life can bring.

The book is beautifully written and is a fascinating read. The story is very captivating and intriguing. There are also some wonderful nostalgia and current trends mentions as we go through the years.  A wonderful collection of life stories blended together perfectly to create a unique and marvellous story.