Wednesday, 3 February 2016

How Have I Cheated Death? A Short and Merry Life with Cystic Fibrosis by Tim Wotton

Tim Wotton in the run up to his fortieth birthday gives an honest and at times humorous account of what life is like living with Cystic Fibrosis. Tim is one of the oldest survivors of the disease and is an inspiration to all. We can all take something from this book that will educate and inspire us... whatever we do... Life is what we make it and Tim has certainly made it. Tim was told he would not make it to his seventeenth birthday, so with his fortieth birthday in sight he decides to write down his thoughts and the book takes us in diary form through his thirty-ninth year, through to the milestone birthday.

I learnt so much from this book, not only about Cystic Fibrosis, but about courage and determination and that a positive outlook to life can make a huge difference. The book is great for raising Cystic Fibrosis awareness. All who have or know someone with the condition will get some helpful insights and useful information from reading this book. The book will also be helpful to anyone facing challenges in their own life. It is always much easier I find to talk and learn from people who are going through the experience than get bogged down by all the medical jargon. I thank Tim Wotton for opening my eyes and making me more aware to a medical condition, I knew very little about.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Other Side of Town by Eleanor Smythe

Circumstances had brought Maureen and husband John to the other side of town. Away from their friends and what they knew, only for life to again throw tragic circumstances at them with the tragic loss of their teenage daughter Emma. But who is responsible for such a horrific crime? In a small town where everyone knows each other… Someone must know something… Why is no one coming forward with information? Maureen and John are determined to find out and uncover theh truth.

I really enjoyed this book. Just the clear uncomplicated plot that made the characters so real to life makes you feel like you are in the same room and an on looker to a series of events that lead to the unravelling of a serious crime. I liked the mystery of the book that you are kept guessing until the end who done it. I found some scenes very moving and touching. I will look forward to reading more books by the author Eleanor Smythe.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Damascus Cover by Howard Kaplan (The Jerusalem Spy Series Book 1)

Ari Ben-Sion is a spy who has undergone a number of missions. Now feeling older and that he is been passed over missions to younger agents and sensing his last mission did not go all that well. In a last attempt to try and save his career he decides to accept a mission he would never usually even consider. The mission is to smuggle a group of Jewish children out of the Damascus ghetto. But all is not what it seems, when things start to go wrong and things do not fall into place. Then when he begins to fall for an American photographer, Ari's world is about to spin out of control putting everything at risk including his life.

One of the things I really enjoy about reviewing books is that sometimes it allows you to step away from your comfort reading zone and to be able to read books you would never usually have ever considered reading and I would have missed out on so many good reads like this one. This spy, suspense novel really surprised me. I was afraid I may find it too complicated and that it would not hold my interest, however from page one I was gripped and pulled into the intense storyline and I could not put the book down. I am left wanting to read more and to find out what happens next. This great story is been made into a major motion picture and I cannot wait to see it on the big screen.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Meet the Author - Carol Arnall

I always promised myself that one day I would write a book. After being involved in a serious car accident in the late 1980s, and finding that I could not return to work, I decided it was a golden opportunity to follow my dream of writing.
I wrote Birmingham Girls and I was pleasantly surprised how well it was received. I then settled down to write my first novel Dancing with Spirits, followed by the sequel Spirits of the Lights.
Since then I have continued writing and my latest novel Another Time, Another Place will be my eleventh book.
Introduction to Another Time, Another Place
Ann leaves home to escape her strict parents but, unfortunately, finds herself in a similar situation with a controlling boyfriend who is a speaker at the local Spiritualist Church. He makes her life miserable. Can she find a way to leave him and set up a business teaching tarot cards?
Previous to Ann leaving home she had experienced a time lapse and found herself living a life as a clairvoyant in 1965. Will she discover the reason for her living this past life?
Will Ann eventually find love after her disastrous first relationship?

Sue’s husband tragically dies after two weeks of married life. To earn her living, Sue works the psychic fairs as a clairvoyant. She believes in life after death and is desperate to contact her husband through a medium.
A doctor visits her for a tarot card reading but to her dismay he becomes dependent on having readings, almost on a daily basis. At times, Sue feels as if he is taking over her life.
Packed with mystery and intrigue, Another Time, Another Place will hold your interest to the very end.
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Thursday, 10 December 2015

One Wish in Manhattan by Mandy Baggot

Hayley Walker is a single-parent facing the new year with no job and an uncertain future. Happy she can escape her worries for the Christmas holidays to stay with family in New York. She knows her daughter Angel has one wish and she hopes to make it come true. A chance meeting in a restaurant with billionaire business man Oliver Drummond leads to an attraction and makes her heart a flutter. Oliver feels the attraction, but will he overcome his fear of ending up broken hearted?

Author Mandy Baggot has created the perfect Christmas magical romantic story that will fill you up with Christmas spirit and joy. A true fairy tale romance with all of the wonderful sights and sounds of the New York we know and love in its winter wonder of the Christmas season.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Breakup Doctor By Phoebe Fox

Brook Ogden is a love guru. The person people turn to when their love lives are falling apart. She gives therapy, counsels through meeting one-to-one with her clients and through a weekly advice column. She has all the know how and experience and the licence to prove it. In her working role she is nothing but professional.

However things are the exact opposite in her home and personal life. While she is busy giving advice and helping her clients through their break ups, her own love life is falling apart and she finds herself engaging in the very behaviour she is advising her clients not to do.

This is one of those fantastic books that pulls you in from the very first sentence, with its fast flow and witty wording, your interest is immediately drawn into the story and you are kept fully entertained from start to finished. This is the first of the trilogy of books in this series by Phoebe Fox and I cannot wait to lose myself in book two.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

My Big Fat Christmas Wedding by Samantha Tonge (Games of Scones #2)

Following on from the first story, Pippa Patterson is now running a tea shop on a small Greek Island and living with her fisherman fiancé Niko. Having left her busy business lifestyle in London behind her she is starting to feel that her new life has become a little dull and different from the hectic busy life she once lived, when a chance to fly to her ex's engagement party in London comes up, she jumps at the chance to return to the bright lights of the big city. Could it be that the romance between her and Niko was nothing more than a long summer holiday romance? And it is now time for her to go back to reality?

A nice easy romance story that is not too Christmassy so can be read anytime of the year. The book does cover and show some serious up to date issues that the author really researched. There is also some good references to Greek traditional customs too, which add a dimension to the story that makes it more real and less fairy tale. Although this is the second book in the Game of Scones series it can be read as a standalone. Author Samantha Tonge knows how to tell a good story. This is a book not to be missed.