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I am Nikki Bywater. My background is media. I have worked in film and television on screen and now I work behind the screen in the writing world. I am a book/script publicist and a professional book reviewer. I also storyboard/co-write and read-through scripts. I  pitch ideas with publishers and producers. My career in media started as a jobbing actress, but I was always much happier working behind the scenes. I have worked and work with amazing people. I love my job, I love the variety and I like to keep busy.

 I like to give a platform for new writers to showcase their work and for readers to be introduced to new authors. My blog is a place for writers to connect not only with readers, but other writers too.  The blog was started when I needed a focus after I became ill and was diagnosed and live with an auto-immune disease, and I am now immunosuppressed. I found having lots of great manuscripts and books to read and review one of the best medicine to help bring my condition symptoms under control and not forgetting a load of  meds too! I also have quite a collection of allergies some just too silly to mention! I love working on scripts too and watching words come to life on screen. I still have a great love for television and I like to do all I can to help bring great dramas to our screen.

 I have lots of knowledge, experience and contacts in media. In my role as a publicist I have helped many new writers to become well known and published authors. Putting their work in the spotlight and showcasing their talent. I am also a published and credited writer. My first work was published when I was a teen. http://goo.gl/PMFjfF

I also am a paranormal adviser for writers and TV producers of paranormal television  and radio shows.  My father is a well known Spiritual Association of Great Britain  Psychic Medium and this runs through our family for generations.  I have good background  knowledge  and experience of a real life prospective of how characters and storylines in books, films and television of this genre are portrayed realistically. I also put forward and work on the idea that in the future mediums can only practice and work if they have a licence to do so after under going a series of tests. I hate to see people taken advantage of and do all I can to expose fakes in this field. But I am not a paranormal investigator.

Authors are welcome to write guest posts. There is no charge for reviews or guest posts on this blog.  

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