Saturday, 16 July 2011

Time and Tide by Mary O’Sullivan

What would you do if everything you loved was about to disappear forever?

This is what a community of people in a coastal bay called Felton face when an outbreak of Bluetongue virus occurs in a local sheep herd. Then the met office issues a weather alert. All coastal areas in Ireland are in danger of severe flooding. The threatened storm develops into a hurricane. The people of Felton have to unite to survive, sheltering in the fragile community hall. Together they face the might of hurricane Kimi.

It is a night of fear, violence, heartache, bravery, good and evil. A night when all pretence is gone and only the truth survives.

Time and Tide is a touching tale of how a community pulls together in time of crisis. The story focus on Robyn a journalist who is pregnant and her vet husband Zach who have been living a quiet life on the shores of Felton bay disturb only by Zach’s unease about Robyn’s previous affair with Kevin Phillips her boss of the Daily news. With the outbreak of the Bluetongue virus and the extreme weather report the media including Kevin descend on the village.

Does Robyn still have feelings for Kevin? How will she react when he shows an interest in her lively friend Tansy and will the village survive?

The book is full of drama. You really do care about what happens to the characters and feel for their plight as they go through the dangers of what the elements may bring as they are drawn closer together and learn more about one another the good and the bad.

This is a must read, it is a really good read.

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