Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Torn by Gilli Allan

Jessica Avery is a young woman in her early thirties with a three year old son Rory. After changing her life by ending a bad relationship all she wants is to be a good mum to Rory and to leave her past behind. So she moves from London to the quiet country for a fresh start and to leave her past behind. She is about to find out that life in the country can just be as hectic as living in London. Despite not looking for love she finds herself “Torn” between two very different kinds of men the unsuitable Danny a young Shepard and his boss the more suitable James a widower with a young daughter.

She may escape her life but can she escape herself?

“Torn” is a well written romance novel with some racy sexy scenes. It as got a nice cast of likeable characters. A good storyline that keeps you interested. You really feel how Jessica wants to settle down and be a good responsible parent for Rory and that she just wants to fit in with people in her new life in the country. Danny and James are also great characters and we learn more about all their pasts as we read on.

Another really great read by Gilli Allan.

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