Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dear Dee by Sue Uden

This book is well written.

The story is about a small family, the mother Nickii, father John and their two daughters, Claire and Jackie who are in their thirties. Jackie has been suffering from Mental illness for the last eight years.

It is important to say that the main focus of this book, is not just on the issue of mental illness, it does not centre on the issue on how it affects Jackie, the story is more about the other members of the family and how they find their own individual ways of coping and dealing with the difficult and often helplessness, that Jackie’s illness has on their lives.

The family find that they do not get much help from the Doctor or Social Services which adds to their stress. When a new Doctor takes over Jackie’s case positive changes start to happen. 

You really do feel the emotions that each individual character goes through. The story really takes you through the difficulties that families are faced with under these circumstances. You do learn a lot by reading the book about human emotion. It is a very inspiring read and well worth reading.

A proportion of the sale of the book goes to The Stroke Association and Mind Mental Health Charity.

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