Saturday, 9 July 2011

Necessary Heartbreak by Michael J. Sullivan

Necessary Heartbreak is the first of a trilogy of books by Michael J. Sullivan.

The story is about Michael Stewart who after his own troubled childhood after losing his own mother and a spell of been homeless and now after losing his wife he is a single father bringing up his teenage daughter Elizabeth. He is a good father and trying to do the best he can for his daughter. But due to past events he has completely lost his faith.

Michael and Elizabeth are helping out volunteering at their local church, when storing some boxes in the basement of the church, Michael finds a trap door, Michael thinking that Elizabeth may have gone through the trap door follows and finds himself in a tunnel and this is where the adventure begins!

They find that they have gone back in time to Holy week in Jerusalem and are caught up in the last week of Jesus’ life. Back to the time when the Romans where fierce and violent and brutal. With the help of a kind widow character called Leah will they be able to find their way back home? Will Michael’s faith be restored?

Necessary Heartbreak is a fantastic read; it draws you into the story from the very beginning. It is fast moving and can be read in one sitting. The storylines about Holy week are written with respect and it is clear a lot of research went into recording the accuracy of these events.  This is one of those books that you just do not want to get to the end of and thankfully Michael J. Sullivan is working on the sequel for which I will be first in the queue to buy!

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  1. Nice blog. It's wonderful to have spots to discover new books you might have otherwise missed. Blessings, Barb

  2. Thank you Barb. I am really enjoying reading some very interesting books and getting to write about them. Happy reading and best wishes to you x