Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Angelic Wisdom Trilogy by Richard Holmes

Volume 1 Wisdom

This is the first book of the trilogy written by Richard Holmes.
Richard Holmes is an experienced platform medium, teacher of meditation and spiritual awareness, a Reiki healing practitioner and an author of spiritual books.

If you are interested in angels and learning all about them then this trilogy is for you.  In the first volume of this trilogy we learn a lot about what angels are what they do. It sorts out the facts from the myths. For example do angels have wings?  We learn about angelic realms and angel spheres and angel names. Also in part of the book Richard does a question and answer session with our celestial friends and we are given an amazing insight into the work that angels do.

Volume 2 The Law of the Universe

In this book the second in the trilogy we learn more about our celestial friends and also all about spiritual law and answers, about life and gives you good advice about how to get the best out of life. It really makes you think and if you are on a spiritual journey and want to learn how to become more spiritual aware then this book is really a great read for that. It is very inspiring and uplifting. There is also a part of this book is a question and answers session.

Volume 3 Insight

This is the last of the trilogy the book consists with the question and answers dialogue all the way through the book. Richard asks the questions that he felt remained unanswered from the other two volumes. Richard asks some interesting questions and lots of different topics are discussed including soul mates and environmental issues.

The books are written in an easy to read and understand way and like a guide book.
After reading the entire trilogy I felt really uplifted and certainly felt I learnt a lot from the books which I can put into practice in my own life. I am sure a lot of people will be able to connect with the trilogy. It really opens your mind and Richard is a good spiritual teacher guiding you through the books.  These books are good to read not only if you have an interest in angels or the paranormal but if you are searching to make a difference and feel in need of change in your life.

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  1. I have read everything Richard has written and totally agree with you Nikki! I see that both you and I enjoyed the 'question and answer' sessions in Richard's books. I hope your review inspires others to read these books and I love the cover of the new 'combined' one available soon.

    Another great post!

  2. Thanks Linn. I agree the cover of the book which will contain all three volumes really looks good.