Wednesday, 27 July 2011

When Tomorrow Comes by Joanna Lambert

Part one of The Behind Blue Eyes Trilogy.

This is the first book in the trilogy and the story starts of in 1967. Ella Kendrick is living in a village with her Grandparents. She falls in love with farmer’s son Niall O’Farrell. Ella plans to go to University to study to become a vet. When her Grandmother is killed in a tragic accident. Mel her mother who abandoned Ella eleven years ago returns. Ella wanting to get to know her mother better goes to live with her mother and stepfather Liam. However her mum wants to take control over Ella’s life and wants to marry her off into a rich family, for her own agenda to increase her own social status in the town. So Ella’s career plans are changed by her manipulating mother and after losing Niall love she ends up doing a secretarial course at college. But Ella meets what her mother would call an unsuitable man Matt Benedict and they fall in love. But can their love survive when they have both Mel and Matt’s mother Faye trying to stop them from been together and Andy Macayne the young rich man Mel would much prefer her daughter to marry.

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