Sunday, 3 July 2011

An Agreement with Love by Kristina Renee Mercier

Opening to the Flow of Life.

An Agreement of love is an original beautifully told story of love and loving, put together in the unique way of telling the story using poetry and verse.
The words are wonderfully woven together to tell the tale of love found and lost. The book really is in tune with the emotion and the feelings expressed of what is love, and to recover from love lost and to continue on the path of life. Throughout the story unfolding you are taking on an inspiring journey, which you can not help but connect and relate to experiences that have happened in your own life. It will also touch your heart. This book really pulls you in from the beginning to end, you just can not stop reading and the book can easily be read in one sitting and then read again and again.  This book would appeal to everyone who wishes to reflect on their own love life.

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