Saturday, 1 September 2012

Pulling Home by Mary Campisi

When Audra’s husband Christian suddenly dies, she finds herself back in their home town with their eight year old daughter Kara for Christian’s funeral. After living away for nine years and with only occasional visits back, Audra is disliked by Christian’s family who blame her for Christian moving away and when Audra faces Christian’s brother Jack it soon becomes clear that Jack and Audra share more than a history together when family secrets are revealed.

At first reading this book I felt overwhelmed by just how much tragedy happens so fast. I would have put the book down only the author writes in such a way that is filled with mystery and suspense that I had to keep reading on to find out what happens. Sadly what followed was more drama and tragedy like what you would find in an American soap but is just too much in one book. There is an audience for this kind of writing but for me personally it’s just not my sort of escapism that I enjoy, although other people may really enjoy this. On a positive the book did hold my attention until the end of the book and I saw potential that would have been a very good story if there were not so many characters easily killed off and tragedy surrounding most of the characters, which is what, spoilt the book for me.

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