Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Edge of Extinction by Kristen Stone

Kianda Mala is the chief leader of a tribal village in the Amazon jungle. The tribe thought that Kianda was a god due to his unusual appearance, he has hair on his face and a tail like a monkeys. The tribe are natives who have never been civilised or mixed in civilised society.

When Kianda’s people begin to fall ill and start dying, Kianda sets off to find the cause of what is harming his people. He finds himself out of the valley and in a civilised mining community. He soon becomes friends with Jon, Hannah and Gordon who live in the community.

Fascinated and curious about how each other live, two completely different cultures must pull together to learn from each other to protect and not only save the environment but also to save many people’s lives.

Edge of Extinction is a beautifully told story about people who are almost living in two different worlds working together to protect and stop damage and harm from being done to the environment and people. This is an original story that does not come across in a strong eco warrior save the planet kind of way, but a wonderful gentle story about human beings and human nature. This book is certainly a lot different from any book I have read before and I consider myself to have been very lucky to have been able to read it. It is a book I would recommend all to read no matter what your favourite genre is.

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