Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Unexpected Life of Carnegie Lane by Virginia Higgins

Things do not seem to be going great for Carnegie Lane after her husband walks out on her and their four children to go set up home with his secretary. Carnegie and the children move away from the smart area of Paddington she lived in with her husband to a more humble setting miles away from anyone who knows her. Carnegie passes the time singing along to 80’s tunes while she does her housework. Carnegie dreams of being a rock star, she wants to get more out of her life.

One day Carnegie feels inspired to write a book, when she has finished writing it she sends it to a publisher. Katalie Bowman who is the agent in charge of fantasy fiction at the publishing company that Carnegie sends her book to, ends up taking her manuscript home. But it is Katalie’s brother Nate that ends up reading Carnegie’s manuscript. Nate is an international famous rock star and he really likes Carnegie’s book. So much so that he decides to contact Carnegie and an unlikely friendship develops between the housewife and rock star.  What is it that has drawn this unlikely friendship together?

I absolutely loved this book. This is a story that just oozes personality and it shines through on each and ever page, drawing the reader in until you are completely hooked. The unlikely friendship and relationship between the two main characters who on the outside seem worlds apart but who on the inside are a lot alike makes this a compelling read. At the end of each chapter there are lyrics and the name of the song are given, I really enjoyed trying to guess the name of the song from the lyrics and will later be on You Tube looking up the songs. There are some good songs featured. The main character Carnegie has a love of 80’s music and is a big fan of the band The Cure. I really recommend reading this book and if I could give the book more than five stars I would. It is a brilliant read.  Right time to blow the dust of my Cure CD’s I think and get them playing again!

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